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How to Convert OST to Thunderbird Mails with 4 Advance & Easy Steps

Read this blog to resolve how to convert OST to Thunderbird Mail query with advanced OST to Thunderbird solution

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frequently it has been seen that OST file users search solution to convert .ost files in Thunderbird. So in this article, our goal is to help users and provide complete knowledge about converting OST files to Thunderbird with an exact solution.

Before describing the conversion process of OST files & Thunderbird, we want to clear users’ doubts regarding OST files & Thunderbird and why users face problem to convert OST to Thunderbird in MBOX file format.

Overview of OST & Thunderbird

OST is discussed as the Offline Storage Table file which is generated automatically by Microsoft Outlook offline folders function. OST files are activated when MS Exchange Sever are not connect with internet, in fact you are working in offline mode and gets synchronized with Exchange when you come online. After this process, Outlook goes online and all the saved information and data are provided to the client immediately. It is only for that OST files, you can easily work offline and the server is synced automatically when you come online. Thus, conception of OST files, allow you to work in severe offline situations as well.

When you work in Offline mode, Microsoft Outlook generates a specific copy of your mailbox on Exchange Server which is named offline folders with .ost extension. Above-mentioned file is created locally on your computer as offline file folder name. It is precise copy of the folders of particular user mailbox on Exchange. All changes made while working offline gets automatically synchronized when are you are connected to Server.

Now we will explain about Thunderbird, it is cross-platform & free desktop email client by Mozilla Foundation. It works as a mail, chat client and newsgroup. Using this application, users are capable to simply manage several emails, news feed accounts, newsgroup, etc. It supports several features such as message grouping, saved search folders option, quick search, advanced message filtering, etc. Mozilla Thunderbird supports .mbox extension to save mailbox of emails data. MBOX is a mailbox file format for family of related file extension. It is used for storing multiple of electronic mails data.

Why users go for OST & Thunderbird Conversion

  • Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Server Environment are not accessible anymore.
  • Requirement to open offline files into other computer-based Thunderbird mail client.
  • View OST files without Outlook and having Thunderbird in current system.
  • Not capable to or want to avoid purchasing complete MS office setup.
  • Want to use free Thunderbird to open offline Outlook mails data.

Solution for How to Convert OST File to Thunderbird

As aforementioned Outlook or Exchange Server supports OST extension in offline mode & Thunderbird supports MBOX extension, both file extension are absolutely different from each other so default conversion of OST files to Thunderbird is not probable. At this situation, users first find manual conversion process but when they fail to search and achieved successful process then search other alternative solution and the OST to Thunderbird Converter helps at this time as most valuable solution. It can easily convert OST Files to Thunderbird with all data details such as attachments, images, formatting, unread & read status, etc. Follow the working steps of the solution to know about –

How to Convert OST to Thunderbird in 4 easy steps

  • Download the OST to Thunderbird Converter & select OST files
  • Then you can also view entire data in multiple modes. It also save attachments, mail address, phone numbers with extract button. You can also skip this step, if you have no need for it.
  • Now Go with Export button and choose MBOX option or Thunderbird for direct migration but Thunderbird should install & configure in your machine.
  • After that select other desired options to save files
  • Then Click on Save button to start the conversion processing of OST to Thunderbird.

After completing the conversion process, you can check your Thunderbird, entire data will be saved in it. If you chosen MBOX option then you will have to import it in your Thunderbird. If you have any doubt or confusion then you can also try OST Converter with free 10 emails migration of OST file to Thunderbird.

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