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How IV Vitamin Therapy Reduces Oxidative Damage to Cells?

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How IV Vitamin Therapy reduces oxidative damage to cells

Vitamin therapy has received a great response. It is because of the benefits it provides to the body. The therapy session includes a lot of ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B and other options that will provide the body with the essentials it requires for maintaining good skin, hair and overall health.

The vitamins included in the therapy are known to fight the free radicals in the body that becomes a major contributor to concerns.

However, the therapy results can be best received when combined with balanced nutritional approach and exercise programs.


Reducing the Oxidative Stress

The reactive oxygen species are known to cause several human pathologies like cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, stroke and other elements. The antioxidants can be used for counteracting the harmful effects and therefore preventing or treating oxidative stress-related diseases.

The response of the immune system depends entirely on the intracellular oxidation-reduction reactions. The molecules can fulfill the key functions in the immunity, redox reaction and trigger the response. One needs to understand that the redox active molecules can be quite harmful to healthy body cells and pathogens. The free radicals are generated in initiating and sustaining the immune system and antioxidants that are required in greater volume under normal conditions.

For treating the oxidative stress issue, IV therapy Dubai will work well. This is because it includes oxidant nutrients like zinc, vitamin A, D, C and E that support the redox balance. Besides, glutathione is a potent cellular antioxidant that works well for helping the body fight against such issues and get back to normal condition.

There have been researches stating high doses of vitamin C can actually reduce cognitive impairment, fatigue, and pain in the conditions associated with oxidative stress. When you visit a good clinic, the professional will identify your health concern and then, based on this, customize the therapy that will provide your body with the help it requires to fight oxidative stress and recover better.

A customized plan surely is quite important to see positive change in the body. With the use of IV therapy, you will be providing the body with all the required nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This ensures faster and better absorption. So they will be able to show positive responses against oxidative stress issues and allow your body time for better recovery. But for this, considering customized IV therapy is extremely important.


If you are planning to go ahead with IV vitamin drip therapy, you must know many options you can consider getting professional help. Finding a trusted clinic will be helpful for you to understand things in detail and find a good professional for support.

No doubt, the use of IV vitamin therapy will work well for solving the concern and providing you with the support your body requires to recover better. If you are ready for the same, then you can trust Atelier Clinic. They have expert professionals who will offer you all the help you require to improve your overall health.

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