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How Does the Type of Development Influence the Cost of Building a Website?

Cost of Building a Website

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The present era is full of competition, and to survive in the market, you must be versatile. Websites are integral to every business today. They become helpful in making an online presence and reaching numerous customers.

Developing a website requires a lot of investment, and you will want to know how much it costs to build a website for proper planning and budget. However, there are multiple factors that affect the cost of website development, and the type of development is one of them.

As an entrepreneur, you may not be aware of the development type and what role it plays in the cost of building a website.

The blog highlights the development type and how it influences the cost of building a website.

What are the Different Types of Website Development?

Custom Website

One of the main benefits of developing a customized website is that you will get all the functionality in your website according to your choice.

Custom development is a better approach to developing a website, as you will get a quality website that will help your business stand in good stead.

Since custom development is result-oriented, keeping the company’s needs in mind, the hired web development company will work accordingly.

Moreover, you will also gain control over your website. Having these many essential pros of custom development, this is quite expensive in comparison to pre-made themes. The average development cost of a custom website can range from $4000 to $350000, depending on the functionalities you want to integrate into your website.

Benefits of developing a Custom Website:

  • Security

Security is an integral part of your website.

Developers are proficient in advanced coding that they use to make data secure. Custom web development helps maintain a website’s security, like:

Implementation of the SSL certificates on the website and some complex authentication methods will improve the website’s security.

  • Custom Functionality

When you opt to develop a custom website, you can create great features in your website or add new ones to an existing website to improve its functionality. In custom website development, you can use the set of functions in your website, and it depends upon you.

  • Freedom of Choice

One of the benefits of developing a custom website is that you can create a website from scratch. The features and appearance of your website are created based on your website requirements.

  • Scalability

Your website can grow together with your business, and custom websites scale well. As per the growth of your business, you can upgrade your website and add features and content.

Pre-built Themes

It is one of the prime ways businesses start their website, as it’s a more straightforward approach to build a website.

Compared to custom-coded templates, pre-built themes are considered the most widely used options for creating websites. It offers simplicity in styling the website’s front end, including page layout and font customizations, colors, and varied benefits without touching a single bit of code.

Pre-built themes are simple, flexible, and easy to set up. It takes less time to develop a website. Also, the cost ranges from $0 to $4000, depending on the website’s premium features.

Benefits of Pre-built themes:

  • Wide range of themes

You have a wide array of themes available to select from for your website. One of the essential things it offers is that you can choose as per the industry or your business model type. All the theme providers allow you to search for a theme according to the keywords or categories.

  • Cost-efficient

Pre-built themes are cost-effective as they are for more than one business or industry. If we compare pre-built premium themes with custom themes, then pre-built themes are cheaper and prove helpful in saving lots of bucks for your enterprise.

  • Ease in Implementation

Pre-built themes are the solution if you are concerned about quick development. Your selected theme will be installed, customized, and live within the same day.


Custom website development is a challenging task to do; it requires sound technical knowledge. It is costly compared to pre-built themes, but it offers varied benefits over pre-built themes, as you have greater control over the features of your website.

It provides a better security level for your website by including specific functionalities, whereas, in pre-built themes, you can install a security plug-in.

You determine what type of appearance, features, and functionalities you want on your website in custom web development. In contrast, in pre-built themes, you can buy one or use a free theme on the web.

A basic custom business website can cost between $5000 to $10,000 or more, whereas pre-built themes can cost you around $1500 to $5000 for the same website.

However, if you want to create a custom theme, the best way is that you can hire a web development company to build a website with numerous functionalities. They understand the technology’s know-how and will work as per your requirements.

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