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How do payment gateways in Indonesia are embracing voice-based payments?

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There is no doubt that voice-commerce sponsored voice-based payment technology is the future of FinTech, and it is growing at an unprecedented level all over the world. The human world that is desperate for new technology and tools is curious to embrace voice commerce. The businesses and their owners are especially interested in implementing this technology to improve the productivity of their companies and earn more profit. Somewhere voice-based commercial activities also help companies attain the trust of their customers. This blog is a deep insight into the meaning and role of voice commerce in the payment industry.

Every payment gateway in Indonesia has enhanced its network and system to give payment solutions to merchants updated with the latest technology.

What is voice-based payment?

Voice-based payment is a technology that functions through a feature phone, mobile phone, or smartphone. The user uses these devices to complete transactions using an IVR-enabled (Interactive Voice Response) call-based payment system.

People connect better with voice technology in the busy lifestyle

Our lifestyle has made us embrace many new ways of living, and voice commerce is one among them. Making things happen by voice-based payments is convenient, as well as making people feel familiar with the technology. The process happens in their voice, which is also exciting for many users. No one wants to waste time receiving passwords to complete payment. Today people want to shop in the blink of an eye.

In the busy lifestyle, every customer wants to do things in a few seconds and with the least effort. Imagine you speak some words and pay for your favorite t-shirt on an e-commerce website. It is easy, and a buyer can shop while eating his birthday cake or wandering on a sea beach. Technology always amazes us, and voice-based payments are no doubt a valuable gift of innovation and modern technology.


Payment gateways craft better customer experience with voice-based payments

Every online payment gateway Indonesia knows how to improve the customer experience of merchants. in many ways, voice commerce gives comfort and an exciting experience to the buyers. They can complete a transaction simply by using their voice to checkout and complete the purchasing process. The customer is God for commercial entities and it is not safe to cause discomfort to God. For centuries, the business world is following this principle.

Imagine a person visiting an e-commerce website to buy a kitchen appliance. He will open the mobile application through his voice command. After that, he can add the product to the cart through voice command and finally can switch to the page that has the ‘Pay with Voice’ option. Just another command through voice and the customer will complete the payment. Isn’t that amazing?

Forward multiple benefits that define the future of digital payments

Working on the new technology of voice commerce is necessary not only for the merchants but also for the payment gateways. The payment solution industry is growing fast and the companies in this sector want to grab more customers by showing they use the most advanced payment tools. The international payment gateways can support transaction processing faster. When customers pay through voice, they can make faster payments, and an Indonesian business can get money in its Indonesia merchant account quickly.

Voice-based payments do not depend on an internet connection, and no one-time password is required. The features of the technology are designed to save a lot of time and facilitate transactions at an unprecedented speed. If you are a merchant, you should start thinking about the implementation of voice-based technology in payments. Hire a reliable payment gateway company that keeps an eye on every latest trend and smarter ways of making transactions simple.


Voice-based payments are an irreplaceable part of voice commerce and all across the world, merchants are desperate to try it for their business growth. The above factors reveal that voice-based technology is ready to shake the payment industry for good. Whether it is about customer experience or improvement in business performance, the international economy is excited to accept voice-based transactions. But it is important to hire a dependable payment gateway that can handle the latest tools and technology well. Visit paycly.com and find the best voice-based payment solutions for your business.

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