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How a High Ticket Sales Agency Finds the Best Deals

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How a High Ticket Sales Agency Finds the Best Deals and Closes Them

If you want to be successful in high ticket sales closer, you need to know how to attract high-value clients. The key to converting high-value clients is empathy. You need to understand their needs and then explain how you can provide a solution. Keeping these three points in mind, you can build strong rapport with potential clients and convert them to paying customers.

Stratton sales agency

Stratton Sales Agency has been helping influencers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses scale monthly revenues with high ticket sales. Agents at the agency find the best deals and close them for their clients. Founder Ambro Di Pilato was a sales representative at an agency when he conceived the idea to launch his own high ticket sales agency.

The goal of a high ticket sales agency is to raise the company’s value in the marketplace, and increase the revenue of each client. The 6A framework developed by Mike Killen is applicable to the high ticket sales funnel. Once a client purchases a product, they must work to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Perrigo Company

Perrigo Company is a leading manufacturer of private-label OTC medicines. The company primarily serves large retail customers, such as Walmart. Walmart accounts for approximately 14% of Perrigo’s sales. No other single customer or product category accounts for more than 10% of the company’s sales. Perrigo generates about 68% of its sales in the United States, 27% in Europe, and 5% outside of the U.S.

Perrigo has been largely successful in its efforts to transform its business. It initiated a reorganization plan in 2019 and is aiming to generate $100 million of net savings over three years. It has also completed targeted acquisitions in adjacent product categories and has divested its animal health business.

Perrigo Company’s Stratton sales agency

A sales agent at Stratton Mountain Resort helps book hotel rooms, customize vacation packages, and answer questions about the resort. This role requires attention to detail and a deep knowledge of the resort. Agents often work on special projects and outbound sales campaigns. They should also be local to Vermont, New Hampshire, or Utah.

Perrigo Company’s Strattón sales agency has been in business for more than 20 years and has helped the company expand its sales and distribution network in New England. This sales agency is an extension of the company’s global sales organization and is responsible for increasing brand awareness in the region. Stratton-based sales representatives have extensive knowledge about the Perrigo Company’s products and are committed to providing their customers with the best service possible.

Di Pilato’s Stratton sales agency

Since founding Stratton Sales Agency 10 months ago, Ambro Di Pilato has racked up $5.6 million in high ticket sales. Before starting his own agency, he ran a pop-up art gallery in Montreal and worked as a sales representative for an agency. The experience fueled his desire to create his own high ticket sales agency.

Stratton Sales Agency specializes in helping entrepreneurs and influencers scale their monthly revenue. Its agents find high ticket sales and close them on behalf of clients. In just 10 months, the agency has helped clients include world-renowned brands and celebrities.

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