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Hit and earn in MCL- The cricket game that will entertain along with rewards!

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Hit and earn

MCL, abbreviated as Meta Cricket League, is the World’s first ever Play to earn cricket NFT game that is getting the attention of cricket fanatics today. Not just cricket fans, NFT enthusiasts are also showing their keen interest in this platform. Cricket, with a 2.5 billion fanbase worldwide, is a religion that everyone follows. There is no household that says there has never been a cricket match running on the screens of their television. Also, in the crypto space, NFT gaming platforms are taking the spotlight even during the crypto downfall. MCL with cricket and play to earn on two sides of the coin, tossed into the gaming industry after launching its NFTs in Jump.trade NFT gaming marketplace.

The game is running its successful streaks with daily tournaments, Flipkart sponsorship, and many more. The gameplay, exciting graphics, rewarding match scoring system, and many others are keeping the gamers up and running. Here is a blog curated for everyone who missed this gem that gives fun, cricket, and rewards altogether.

The exclusive NFT drop!

Before kicking off with Hit and earn, you should know about this exclusive NFT drop which jaw-droppingly sold out 55,000 NFTs in just 9 minutes. You heard it right, the marketplace was flooded, and it just ended as soon as it started. And for the exclusive world cup NFTs (1983, 2003, and 2011 world cups ), the bidding war increased the floor price of the NFTs multiple times.

To play the meta cricket league, you will have to own the cricket player NFTs from Jump.trade NFT marketplace. You should have at least one batsman and one bowler to play the game. There are also signed bat NFTs which is an added advantage while playing the game. Let’s get into the details of the game soon. Coming back to the NFTs, there are many categories of NFTs with their specific strengths, ranks, and power. From Rookie to legend with 4 categories in Player NFTs and from signed rare to Ultra rare with 3 categories in Bat NFTs. every player is unique with their own stats and characteristics.

The marketplace with easy buying and selling options has been recording a huge trade volume since the game launched. With the sponsorship of bigshots, the trade volume is increasing further, making the prices of the NFTs go up every week.

Hit and earn

So if you own 2 NFTs, you can play the MCL game. It is possible to select one bat, one batsman and 3 bowlers to play a match from which your team strength will be calculated. If you don’t own much NFTs, you will be give default players and you will get the strength calculated only with the NFTs you have.

You will be matched with another player with similar team strength. In the game you have to play as a batman and the bowling will be automated by the game itself. Every time you hit the ball, you will score runs, and for every run you score you will be rewarded with JT points. And for every JT points you get, you earn equivalent USDT. To make it simple, it is Hit and Earn. The more you hit, the more you earn.

The game conducts series tournaments which runs on a daily basis. Unlike other play to earn NFT games, this game will not ask you for an entry fee to enter the tournament. The first finale of the first series tournament was sponsored by the e-commerce giant Flipkart. Flipkart is itself entering the web3 world and with this it extended its support for the emerging tech.


The Game just launched and it is already getting the spotlight. The game is in initial stages, and there are many updates that are lining up. soon , the rental system will be updated where people can rent their NFTs and earn a passive income through them. This will not only give the NFT owners a chance to earn, but also the new users and other who cannot afford highly priced NFTs. People who also want to try out NFTs , can also rent them and play with them before actually buying them.
The graphic updates are getting updated every now and then to give the gamers a better gaming experience. With a content and loyal community of gamers, MCL is all set to explore Cricket in the meta realm.

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