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Handy Tips to Keep Your Car Cool In Summer

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The summer has just arrived, and if you cherish the ice cream, you won’t hesitate to embrace this awesome season except the scorching heat.

It is fascinating to relish your favourite ice cream while you drive to a destination. However, it is always necessary to be safe in the summer while keeping your car cool too.

Most of the time, you cannot skip the touch of the sun. However, when the sun wakes at its peak, things are usually unbearable whether you are driving or looking to park your car. Read on these essential tips to manage your car’s temperature to remain cool even in the hottest weather.

Prevent Your Car Heating While Riding

Never Delay Service of Air-Conditioning System



Air conditioner becomes a crucial accessory, especially during the summer, you would not like to get roasted inside your car while you driving for a purpose. A well-serviced air conditioner does not let you down while its efficiency increases while you cruise under the burning sun. To serve at its best, your air conditioner needs a sufficient level of coolant. 

Usually, the coolant may get leaked or the air conditioner may have worn-out parts that need a quick replacement. An unusual delay may have unbearable consequences while you are amid traffic or rushing on the road.

Therefore, you should undertake the air conditioner for the service frequently. However, a trusted workshop such as Service My Car would be a great assistance for your car AC repair as well as ac system flushing.

Keep a Check on Your Car’s Temperature



If you have been driving under the sun and it has been a while, always keep an eye on the temperature gauge. The car’s engine may get overheated due to overload while your car’s air conditioner is on, or due to some other issues. 

However, a car is always equipped with a cooling system that manages the engine to operate at suitable temperatures. The cooling system consists of a water pump, radiator, coolant, thermostat as well as coolant.

All components have their work such as belts helping for the movement while hoses provide the circulation of coolant. However, there could be an issue with a belt and hoses. It leads to a breakdown during a ride or the unexpected leakage of coolant. These issues always produce overheating. 

In case you won’t want to be in a tight spot, just check out the early signs such as any kind of leakage under your car or any distortion of threads of belts.

However, you can opt for professional assistance for such requirements to avoid unnecessary damage to the engine that might turn into expensive car engine repair. Besides, your car’s coolant needs to be flushed every 50000 KM. It is up to you to keep your car in a condition that is comfortable for your ride while Service My Car is always available to serve you on-demand whether it is a timing belt replacement or preventive car scanning and diagnostics.

Act Proactively To Avoid Unnecessary Heating



You can easily avoid excess overheating of your car with proactive action. Generally, a car may overheat during long traffic or carrying a huge load or driving to a hill. 

It is up to you how to react if you look at the temperature gauge and find it needs to inch towards the “H” or the red area. You can manage the situation by following these simple steps by just giving up your comfort a bit.

  • First, try to turn off the air conditioning to relieve the access load from your engine. It might help in lowering the temperature of the engine.
  • Turn your heater on instantly however it might sound awkward but it helps in blowing the hot air away from the engine. 
  •  In case, things do not work at all even after applying the above steps, just pull over and open the hood so that fresh air can keep your engine cool. Just avoid touching anything for some time until things do not cool down.

In case you drive even after your car overheats, it may result in some serious damage that needs costly car repair. However, you can avail of roadside assistance if the issue persists or your car has encountered some issues while you are on the road. 

Besides, you can opt for the comprehensive car service at one of the workshops of Service My Car.

Manage Your Car To Keep Cool While Parking Under The Sunlight

Utilize the Car’s Shades and Curtains


A car’s interior needs a proper air conditioner to maintain its temperature.

However, there are many other accessories such as sun shades or curtains that are always helpful to block the sun’s rays. They are available for all the windows as well as the windshield too.

Curtains are useful assets as they can easily cover the back seat windows. While sun shades can easily cover the windshields as they are foldable, especially if you need to park your car under the sun. You can opt for the Service My Car service to keep your car stay on top.

Down Your Windows a Bit If Parked Under Direct Sun



There would be many times when you cannot find a suitable place to park under a shade. However, you can keep your car’s windows a bit down to maintain the essential ventilation during the summer. However, do not open too much to keep your car safe from miscreants. A small gap can easily do the trick as hot air can easily escape from it as heated gas becomes lighter.

If you need any type of  Nissan service in Dubai, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest Nissan Dubai service center.

 A car has to struggle with harsh summer conditions. Preventive action always provides great results by cutting your losses and making each ride comfortable. Service My Car assists you in keeping your car in good condition with affordable car maintenance even during the ruthless summer. Just call us or book a service online.

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