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Getting to know Rahu in the 1st house: Meaning, Effects and Remedies

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Rahu is a distinct and unique planet. It is often referred to as the northern point of the Moon. It is a planet in shadow with no rights over any zodiac sign. However, it has jurisdiction on Swati, Ardra, and Shatabhisha constellations.

Rahu is the planet of fame and worldly ambitions as well as jealousy, anger, conspiracy and manipulation. It is also a symbol of tricks or a different method of doing things. This planet always leads to delays and failures in all work. However, it can also bring enormous successes in your career through an immense fan base mostly through artistic methods or through media.

It is the House as well as the Nakshatra in which Rahu is located in the Horoscope are the most important aspect of the birth chat.Rahu can also be a sign of lazyness and moodiness. In the event that it is a sign of Rahu occurs in the your online Kundli this can make a person restless and with an unstable mind. But, one can be addicted to fame and money and is devoted to their goals and goals in the world. Rahu gives unending desires in life.

House Rahu is portrayed in a Kundli

The House in which Rahu is situated in a horoscope can become unstable and can produce results that are unnaturally. If Rahu is placed in the 1st House Then the meaning of the House will be affected by Rahu’s unconventional and unnatural results. But, it also protects the House from other planets as well as your adversaries.

It also obliterates the other planet’s significance , and also rebukes the results of that planet. If Rahu is in conjunction with Sun in the 1st House, then it is able to block any positive influence of Sun on the 1st House and gives mixed results due to conjunct Sun in the same House.

Zodiac sign and influence of Nakshatra Zodiac sign and nakshatra influence

Positive or Negative effects of Rahu will depend on the nakshatra and sign in which Rahu is located in a Horoscope. In certain nakshatras and signs, Rahu gives very positive and positive results. For example, Rahu in Libra sign in Swati Nakshatra provides powerful, positive and motivating results. You should also check rahu kaal today timing and more about best time to start work or before going to any palce. 

The positive effects that Rahu in the 1st house:-

  • Rahu in the 1st House makes one wealthy and successful in their careers. They could enjoy all luxury of the world, and many of their dreams are fulfilled. This allows them to succeed in their careers and dominate the crowd. Rahu in the 1st house can make one extremely energetic and extremely driven in life.
  • Rahu in the 1st House achieves their goals and achieves a prominent position in the life of at the age 42. They rise to success quickly after enduring some challenges and sorrow in their lives. Rahu in the 1st House is one of the most delightful, social open, outgoing and foodie.
  • People who have Rahu in the 1st House are typically brave, risk-taking and possess a strong mentality. They are extremely determined and focused in their lives particularly in their work in order to be successful and succeed in whatever they put the hands upon. Rahu of the first House is very imaginative.
  • They come up with fresh concepts and are praised for their creativity, both professionally and personally. They are the ideal choice for those who want to achieve anything. Additionally, they can be highly competitive. Their competitive nature isn’t limited to the social scene or in the workplace alongside colleagues, but also in competition with people close to them.

The negative consequences of Rahu in the 1st House-

  • Rahu in the 1st House causes dissatisfaction in relationships and love. Couples could be separated or divorced because of this aspect. Rahu in the 1st House can make a native extremely unmoral.
  • Rahu in the 1st House makes one selfish and self-centered. This can make people extremely talkative and could reveal their secrets. They also sabotage the privacy of others. It can be extremely argumentative and reduces confidence in the world. They promise falsely to other people. Refusing to be angry and pulling people down brings them joy in their minds.
  • There is a chance that one could be involved in illegal and immoral activities or even join the plot in the course of Mahdasha and Antardasha or Antardasha of Rahu in the 1st House. You may also be prone to smoking and drinking during Rahu’s Main and Sub Periods.
  • Rahu in the 1st house can bring allergies and skin conditions throughout life. There is also the possibility of developing an allergy or fears. Rahu in the 1st House provides the everlasting desire for sexual pleasure and bed-time pleasure. This can lead to secret affairs with a variety of individuals. Rahu in the 1st House does not believe in commitment, but rather enjoy and lavish activities.
  • Rahu controls obsessions, dreams and illusions. Rahu affects the ability of one to discern and chase after an illusion of fame. While pursuing all these desires, Rahu tends to make one less sensitive to the people around them. This could result in divorce and a lack of connection with spouse, financial and property problems in the family or extramarital affairs, as well as insufficient mental development of children within the family.
  • In a nutshell Rahu as the globe, can be described as a ball of negative consequences and the wrong path to take in life. It causes us to fall into illusions or maya, eventually which can lead to bad luck. It can divert anyone from the morality.

Signs that stand out for Rahu in the first home.

Rahu Taurus Rahu is in the Taurus’s sign in the 1st House gets exalted, and it will bless you with a wealth of riches as well as financial gains. You could have many sources of income and your work might be rewarding. Rapidly rising profits, especially from foreign transactions, will boost your wealth. Your chances for working at an M.N.C. or a different country are very good, and can bring happiness, growth, and prosperity to your daily life.

Rahu Scorpio: Rahu gets weak in Scorpio and could lead you on a path that is that is occult-related or other secretive activities. You could have a great deal of experience in the handling of secrets or sensitive things such as documents or data and so on. One could become a powerful spy. Your personality is a mystery that are difficult to understand, observe or even tackle. If you are debilitated Rahu is placed in the 1st House, your personality is full of confusion obscureness, fears, and insecurities.

Solutions of Rahu who is in the house of first

  1. Feed Birds Daily
  2. Food for Crow along with Stray dogs Daily.
  3. Chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra “OM BRIM RAHAVE NAMAH”
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
  5. Donate blankets and clothes for the homeless on Wednesdays.
  6. Fasting on Wednesdays and on Saturdays could improve the effects of Rahu.
  7. The practice of chanting Ganesha Mantra each day helps to eliminate the negative effects of Rahu.
  8. Drinking water that is filtered through Silver glass can enhance the effects of Rahu.
  9. 8-Mukhi Rudraksh could help to reduce the harmful effects caused by Rahu in the 1st house.
  10. Meditation Daily during the Rahu-Kaal time frame will bring out the highest benefits from Rahu and neutralizes the negative effect of Rahu.
  11. Storing water in the South-west area of House will improve the performance of Rahu in the 1st House. This also helps to keep native ads family members healthier.


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