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Few Tips To Speed Up Your Magento 2 Admin Panel

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Magento 2 is undoubtedly a great platform for building a sizable eCommerce store with thousands of products. Using this platform, you can provide a smooth purchasing experience to various target groups. 

However, compared to other e-commerce platforms, sometimes Magento 2 can be slower. Even seasoned site developers occasionally overlook less obvious speed-up settings.

However, most of the time, a slow Magento 2 Admin Panel also indicates a slow front end.

So, it is essential to improve the Magento 2 admin panel speed for successful Magento development.

How to speed up Magento 2 admin panel?

  • Clear cache

Clearing the cache will speed up your Magento store’s administration and improve its performance.

This will enable the system to recover the already accessible objects. Not to mention, regularly cleaning your cache might help you save a lot of memory and execution time. If you do not do this frequently, your website will eventually become sluggish.

  • Deleted unused products

Remember that a speedy store is one that is clean. On a Magento website, having multiple modules performing different functions can dramatically reduce speed.

Hence, it is preferable to delete useless products since if the backend product count keeps growing, your Magento admin panel may become sluggish.

A Magento company will move your Admin Panel to a different server in this regard. Then, profile all third-party modules on your store and disable or remove everything unnecessary.

  • Index management

Reindexing can be scheduled to speed up the Magento 2 admin panel, which is useful! 

When you save a product or category to update the index, Magento 2 reindexes all of the associated products and categories. The administrator will become drowsy throughout this process.

So, an experienced Magento 2 Development Company will select all indexes by going to system> Index Management and clicking the “Reindex Data” submit button.

  • Select lightweight themes

The Magento store’s chosen theme affects how quickly pages load. Heavier themes can slow down the performance of the site. 

For this reason, you can switch to a lighter theme that only uses the necessary code. Alternatively, you can think about lightening the existing theme you’re using.

Although the theme might not affect the Admin Panel’s performance, this isn’t exactly accurate. Magento services sometimes include specialized custom themes to speed up Magento’s admin areas.

  • Expand memory limit

One of the most frequent problems with the Magento 2 installation is a lack of free memory. After logging into Magento Admin, you will either see an entirely blank page or a page with a server error when the RAM limit issue occurs.

If you allocate less memory than what Magento’s system needs, your Admin Panel will not even launch. Therefore, raise the memory limitations to fix it.


The admin panel for Magento 2 will never be as quick as the front end because the Admin area does not allow caching. 

However, you can hire dedicated Magento developer to improve the Admin Panel significantly and greatly enhance your employee’s work.

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