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Factors to Consider Before Starting your Branding Journey

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Branding is essential to every business, and we don’t say that just because that’s what we do.

Well made, and a brand is your best seller. It understands all that is great about your business and communicates it perfectly to your target audience. For many companies, it’s the first branding and advertising agency and the only thing consumers interact with, ultimately informing their decision to buy or not.

Not everyone is an expert, and it is straightforward to get the wrong brand. Unprofessional or inaccurate branding can adversely affect your company’s image and bottom line.

So, if you’re branding your business as a new start-up, Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad is exploring the rebranding process, here are six things to consider for a successful strategy:

1: It’s not about you

Let’s get that out of the way early. Your brand image isn’t necessarily about what you like and your personal aesthetic preferences, but it’s all about what your customers want and what they will engage with.

If you like orange? It doesn’t matter. What matters is what that shade of orange means to the viewer, how it fits into your market, and will your target audience respond positively to it.

You should be prepared to compromise on your tastes when branding your business, especially if you are not your target audience.

Which leads nicely to point two.

2 Know your audience

Business owners often say, “Our brand is for everyone.” However, the statement is rarely true and shows naivety, especially among new start-ups that haven’t thought about their market and overestimated the importance of their product or service.

It helps to be as specific as possible, and it’s helpful for branding and when you start marketing your product. It’s much easier to focus on one character or demographic rather than casting an unrealistic net.

Ask yourself if your company is B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer). If it’s B2B, what size of business, specific industries, or geographies are you looking to target? If you are B2C, your business caters to a particular age group, gender, or people with specific interests.

Ultimately, the more targeted you can be, the more fit your brand will be for its purpose.

3 Position yourself

It is essential to determine where your brand stands in the market. Research your competitors and decide where you stand in the industry. Will you position yourself as a high-end luxury brand or an economy brand?

If your product and positioning don’t match, you risk a misperception that reduces your chances of selling your products and services.

4 Know your USP

What makes your company unique? Why would customers pick your goods over a rival’s?

Are you making an original contribution? distinct flavors or components? Do you have a gripping tale to share? It’s possible that your company is benefiting the globe in some way.

Conscious consumers these days are much more than price and are much more likely to show loyalty to a brand they connect with on a deeper level. Understanding your USP helps you focus on the message you need to communicate. This USP should be at the forefront of your branding and messaging so customers can’t miss it.

5 Brand values

Avoiding empty words like “professional,” try to summarize your business in unique descriptive words. As an exercise, start loosely with a long list of applicable terms and narrow it down to 3-4 fundamental values ​​that are true to your business and are the foundation for all the good you do.

Understanding how you want customers to feel when interacting with you is key to developing a solid brand identity. Take control of the emotions your brand evokes and use them to your advantage.

6 What is it for?

Understanding your business vision and why you do it is so important. Think about the long-term plan for the business and state where you see the company going; you can go back so far to assess the steps and milestones you need to achieve. It helps you refine your identity to achieve these goals and can often help answer many of the questions above.

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