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Factors of Ovarian Aging

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As a woman, we have to understand the reasons behind ovarian aging and natural alternatives to slow it down.

There are different reasons why ovarian aging speeding occurs in women. One of them is the genetic influences in ovarian reserve. This is possible if the family has a history of early menopause, has trisomy 21, or other conditions affecting the X chromosomes.

Autoimmune factors

Aside from that, autoimmune factors can also contribute. Some of these are autoimmune disorders such as thyroid autoimmunity. These kinds of conditions affect the ovarian reserves. A health history will help detect if this is the cause.
Environment and lifestyle choices have adverse effects too on one’s ovary, such as smoking, chemotherapy, pelvic surgery, and some pelvic diseases. Changing lifestyles would help mitigate and avoid fast ovarian aging. Another cause is oxidative stress, as postulated by Denham Harman during the middle of the last century. According to him, oxidative stress leads to changes in the ovarian environment. It results in a decrease in ovarian reserve.

The common way to slow down ovarian aging is restricting our diet, studies revealed that the improvement of cellular and physiological metabolism leads to the prevention of ovarian aging. Calories reduction is one of the approaches to do this.
Limiting the calories in the diet reduces insulin, blood glucose, and increases glucose sensitivity. Aside from this, the enzymes involved in the process have also simulated the effect on delaying aging. Women with symptoms of ovarian aging have to also boost their intake of B Vitamins. For example, Spinach is a leafy vegetable that is rich in B Vitamins. The food of the cell is called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATPs are like the battery power of the body that boosts the energy of the cells. Healthy cells lead to healthy tissues and healthy body organs. To elevate your ATP, you must consume more B vitamins. They help in converting food energy to cell energy. Some of the foods that are rich in B vitamins are dark green vegetables such as spinach and kale, citrus fruits like oranges, clementines, and lemons, and seafood.


These are all home remedies suggestions in slowing down ovarian aging but the important method is to visit a Fertility Specialist Boca Raton, they can help women who are experiencing ovarian aging in a Natural Fertility remedy Boca Raton.  Allowing our body to heal organically is vital to every woman, as we all know continuous use of pills may harm the reproductive health eventually. It’s vital to lean on organic treatments to achieve your center and have a relaxed and peaceful journey with fertility treatment.

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