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Extract MSG Attachment Without Microsoft Outlook?

Do you need MSG Attachment Extractor without Outlook?

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Do you need MSG Attachment Extractor without Outlook? This process can be complicated, but we’ll go over how to do it with or without Microsoft Outlook in this article.

Microsoft’s MSG format is a proprietary file type used to store email messages. The information is saved as an. msg file when users drag it and save it to a local location on their PC. It stores all of the associated data with that email, including its metadata. The addresses of the recipient and the sender are among the metadata.


The email’s shared links and attachments are also included in the MSG file. These. msg files can be shared with other users if they so choose. Once imported, the emails and their attachments can be viewed by the intended user in Outlook.

But what if someone needs to access Outlook’s attachments right away but doesn’t utilize them? If you’re having trouble, don’t panic; instead, read this article to learn how to solve the problem in a straightforward and efficient way.

How to Extract MSG Attachment?

Here, there are two possible outcomes Outlook is present in one case, whereas it is not in the other. The manual way will work best if you have MS Outlook installed and properly set up on your machine. Simply import the MSG files into your Microsoft Outlook account, and then select the “Save all attachments” option.

However, you cannot use the above method if you do not use Outlook. Choose an expert approach instead, such as Outlook Attachment software. The technical team created this tool exclusively for MSG attachments. Next, let’s talk about how this software functions.

Steps for Extracting Attachments from (Single Mail) MSG Data Files


  • To Add the MSG files for extraction. And select File Mode and Folder Mode.
  • Click on Browse Button. And Choose the Export Type “Attachment” and “Email Addresses”


  • Select Output Path and hit the “Browse” Button


  • Finally, Click on the “Process Now” Button


Gains from the Application

Why should you choose the expert tool for MSG file attachment extraction? If you don’t want to utilize Outlook, you must use a third-party program. Numerous benefits are offered by it, as follows:

  • Sophisticated GUI: The application offers an advanced Graphical User Interface. Even a novice user may carry out the extraction of the email address from MSG emails and contacts thanks to this user interface’s design.
  • Compatible Tool: The application can be utilized by any user and is a compatible tool. Any Windows operating system, including Windows XP or Vista, can be used with the tool.
  • Self-Contained Application: This MSG Extractor utility is a self-contained application. A user can follow the extraction of the email files without the use of any additional tools.
  • Direct Conversion: There are no obstacles in the way of a direct conversion process, and it goes off without a hitch.

When removing the email address from MSG, there is no evidence of data corruption. The tool also offers a lot more different roles. The email address can only be extracted with the help of these features.


We have covered how to extract MSG attachments in this blog. The most reliable and secure way to get the desired results is discussed in this article. Given its effectiveness and accuracy, the aforementioned program is among consumers’ top selections. Its trial version is available for users to use in order to test it out.

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