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ERC20 token development- Everything you need to know

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In recent years, Crypto tokens is considered a profit-yielding business. So many startups and Entrepreneurs are preferring to create Crypto tokens for their business and various purposes. The Crypto tokens represent utilities and can be used for various purposes like raising funds, trading, business, and more. As of now, the Ethereum blockchain is the popular and best platform for crypto token creation. It was first founded in 2013 by Vitalk Buterin for making payments entirely in digital format. Thus, it can be used completely for crypto token creation, DApps, smart contracts, and more. If you want to create Tokens or applications you have to pay the charges in Ethers. Ethereum blockchain has various token standards such as ERC-20, ERC- 721, ERC-777, ERC-998, ERC-223, ERC-621, ERC-827, ERC-1155, and more. Out of these ERC20 is the most preferred one.

ERC20 Token 

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for comments and 20 is the implemented standard for fungible tokens created using the Ethereum blockchain. It is used for creating and issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It has a set of protocols that apply to all Ethereum-based tokens. These ERC20 tokens can hold value and be used for various purposes like transactions, trading, raising funds, and other payments. Here is the list of some popular ERC20 tokens in the marketplace,

Top ERC20 Tokens in the MarketPlace

After the introduction of Ethereum, Many crypto tokens were introduced in the marketplace. Still, Ethereum holds the second position in the marketplace because of its functionalities and benefits. Now, let me share some of the Top ERC20 tokens ruling the global market right now,

  1. BTT
  2. Zilliqa
  3. Qtum
  4. Vechain
  5. Bytom
  6. ICON
  7. Wrapped bitcoin
  8. Augur
  9. Golem
  10. Maker

Now, You might have a question in your mind, 

Why should you Create ERC20 tokens?

If you are a budding Entrepreneur, willing to reap profits in the crypto industry then, developing an ERC20 Token will be the right choice for your business. Because they have huge beneficial factors and are widely used by many crypto traders. Here I have listed some of the reasons why should you go for ERC20 token development,

  1. Due to its popularity, it can be easily used for raising funds through Crypto fundraising.
  2. Easy creation at a low cost.
  3. Can be instantly deployed without any hassles.
  4. Secure Transactions
  5. ERC20 Token helps to figure out issues and problems with Ease.
  6. Deployed with wallet
  7. Automatic Transaction 

Considering all these noteworthy reasons many people are interested to create ERC20 tokens for their businesses.

You can develop an ERC20 token in two possible ways, Firstly, If you are good at programming and well- Experienced developer, then you can craft them yourself. Secondly, you can hire the Best ERC20 token development company in the crypto market. Because they will have a team of skilled developers and help you to create ERC20 tokens as per your business requirements without any risk.

To know the complete overview of ERC20 token development, its Pros & Cons, features, and cost, you can check this article >>>

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