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Enjoy a road trip from Charleston to Savannah

Enjoy a road trip from Charleston to Savannah

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Enjoy a road trip from Charleston to Savannah

Enjoy a road trip from Charleston to Savannah

Apart from flying via air, multiple destinations are more worth exploring through a road trip. However, moving on the roads helps to enjoy the journey better. 

However, proper planning is the best thing that can make things very easy. You can stop at several areas that offer amazing vibes. On the other side, you need to go through the whole site, that’ll give you an idea about multiple things. 

The other thing is complete details about the places you will travel through. 

Here are the things that are important for the road trip:

  • Research:

Whether traveling by air or by road, it’s important to know about the budget, time, distance & much more. On the other side, look for the best hotels at reasonable prices and in suitable areas. 

You can get the right deals & enjoy the stay during the trip. However, try to know about the car rental available. Get through all the details & services to enjoy the road trip. The commuters can also compare the budgets & make the right decision. 

      2. Prepare everything:

Knowing everything about them is more important before traveling to both locations. Moreover, traveling to the United States to explore these locations through Alaska Airlines offers affordable flights & exclusive offers. If you miss the trip, refer to Delta Airlines Missed Flight policy.

On the other side, both the cities are more amazing during the rain & sunshine. Well, moving here offers an awesome vibe & after the rain stops, you can enjoy the spectacular views. 

However, if you are carrying camera gear, then it’s advised to bring waterproof systems. The visitors need to get waterproof bags to store the lenses safely. 

      3. Day 1-2 schedule:

You can go for a walk through the Charleston historic neighborhoods if you want to enjoy the trip. However, the main factor is the South of Broad street, which is famous for photography. Here, you’ll find marvelous architecture along with beautiful gardens. 

Charleston is known for its gardens & if you like to spend some time with nature & peace, this is it. On the other side, you can also go for a private tour & enjoy. 

The other thing is, booking a city’s historical tour which helps to know about the memories from the past. Now, if you’re tired & want to go for a ride then board a carriage tour. 

      4. Day 3 for Boon hall plantation:

If you wish to enjoy more interesting & amazing photography, then plan an early morning visit to this place. This whole place is nothing less than a stroll among the beautiful wonders of Charleston. 

However, these are the ways to plan An 8-Day Lowcountry Road Trip: Charleston to Savannah and Back. You can sit near the fountain & watching the flowing water from upside down makes it more amazing. 

Well, the best thing will be to take out your telephoto lens & capture the amazing layers of Spanish moss. 

        5. Day 4 :

Plan the fourth Day of the road trip for & a visit to Angle Oak, located at Johns island. On the other side, this beautiful tree is worth witnessing along with the other venues on your travel wishlist. 

Multiple other things have a unique significance & offer a great time for visitors. Moreover, there are Gnarled branches that are more spectacular & often look great, as these are the things that are worth seeing life & captured in the cameras. 

You can also come along with your family & learn about a different world that offers a different kind of experience. The most interesting thing is that you can see people trying to sketch the tree branches. However, the overall environment delighted & welcome in a different style. 

      6. 5th Day of the trip:

Start the fifth Day by paying a visit to Wormsloe plantation in Savannah. This place offers some fantastic views that are above the world. In fact, flying to Georgia through Alaska airlines means enjoying your dream trip with all the inflight luxuries. 

On the other side, the more amazing thing is getting to travel while sitting on your favorite seats with the help of the Delta Airlines Seat Selection process. You can check out the video at the visitor’s center to make things easier. 

Well, the plantation area is more remarkable & offers a great picturesque location. The trees cover the paths & the most interesting thing is the shades of the branches. You can enjoy heading to Mrs. Wilke’s dining room to grab some delicious lunch. 

     7. Bonaventure Cemetery:

After visiting the above locations, it’s time to visit the Bonaventure cemetery. The people are often eager to see this amazing location on the Wilmington river. However, it became more famous when the place was featured in a novel.  

You can stroll around the whole place, but you might need to pay so before arriving at this place, be sure of these things. Worldwide visitors can also make a drive toward the Pinpoint museum. 

However, the museum offers a unique vibe and some unforgettable memories. Numerous other things make your 8-Day Lowcountry Road Trip: Charleston to Savannah quite spectacular. Other than these, you can also get through the dock of the heritage museum. 

The overall view along with the lake is quite incredible & you can also go for a boat ride, that’ll help to explore the place in a quite straightforward manner. Well, there isn’t any limit to the enjoyment & move towards the green space. 

    8. 7th day Botany bay plantation:

During the road trip, travelers can pay a visit to Botany Bay plantation heritage, a beautiful green space. However, these things are more interesting to visit than being in a crowded area. 

If you get tired, do not worry; there are benches to sit on & enjoy the overall greenery. People can click several pictures that redefine nature along with several features. However, you can also enjoy brunch at Vick’s on the river & get some amazing drinks & food. 

Well, it’s going to be among the memorable moments & days while you hang out with your friends & others as these things introduce people to a different style of Savannah. You can head towards the cruise at the city’s port, which helps to go beyond the imagination. 

    9. 8th Day of the trip:

You can also stroll through the Botany beach trial when spending the 8-Day Lowcountry Road Trip: Charleston to Savannah and Back. Multiple areas have their reputations & natural beauty. 

You can click several pictures, but you need to ensure that the lights are appropriate. On the other side, you can walk on the soft sand & enjoy the fresh water. Infact, these things can enhance your portfolio if you are a professional nature photographer. 

People often try to plan the best road trips but need clarification about the destinations. But, these two cities will be the right choices to enjoy a road trip with friends. 

    10. Food tour at Savannah:

Travelers from different corners can also taste delicious cuisine in the respective city. It’s more interesting to grab a few multiple items prepared with other & authentic ingredients. This is going to be an amazing experience throughout the vacation, along with the family. 

Grab this opportunity to try out something new & quite extraordinary that can be part of your best memories. 

    11. Hilton island:

The other location is also worth getting included in the list of An 8-Day Lowcountry Road Trip: Charleston to Savannah and Back. It’s also a high-rated location where you get to spend some amazing time & feel more special. 

The tourists can head to several areas, including the golf course, along with the open spaces. Arriving at the Hilton means discovering new ways to enjoy life in a better way away from home. 


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