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Common Lash Myths For Artists And Clients

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Hi, beauty queens and kings! There are so many misinformation about lashes and so many unanswered question about lashes, usually, we get to hear questions like,will eye lashes extensions destroy my natural lashes?, is it true that the process of removing eyelash extensions is painful? , is it okay to apply mascara on eyelashes extensions?

In this blog we are going to discuss about the common lash myths and debunk the misinformation we have about eyelashes extensions YIPPEE!!!!!!

Myth 1: Eyelash Extensions Can Cause Damage to Our Natural Eyelashes and Make Them Shorter

Answer: FALSE

This is the most widespread false myths;Extensions don’t cause any damage to your natural lashes, neither does it makes it shorter. In fact, extensions prevent breakage, since your eyelash won’t be curled during the application process. However the extensions process is always carried out by specialist, so that your natural eyelashes are not at risk.The extensions fall out along with your natural eyelash when the hair growth cycle is completed, so when it falls out, it will not be hollow, but will give way to a new one. You will notice fewer lashes due to an optical effect, it is normal! Keep in mind that when the extensions fall, we go from having a higher volume to seeing, again, our natural look but it is just that, a visual effect.

Get those lashes Kings and Queens, you will have the same number of lashes you had before trying this technique. It will seem to you that you have less quantity because you will go from seeing the extensions to seeing, again, your natural lashes.

Of course, to avoid damaging your natural lashes, the most important thing is to seek advice from your technician. They will advise you and explain what volume your lashes support, as well as the maximum diameter and length, so it is vital to take these tips into account when choosing your extensions to avoid overloading.

Myth 2: Eyelash Extensions Should Not Be Washed

Answer: FALSE

This is definitely one of the biggest myths out there, many of you are afraid that the fall of eyelashes will accelerate by constantly wetting them in the pool or in the sea. This is another of the myths that we dismantle today, if the extensions are taken care of properly, there is no problem. First and foremost, always allow at least 24 hours to pass before showering for the adhesive to dry completely.

After 24 hours, the person can wet the extensions, go to the pool, beach or wash their face normally. We only ask for this period for the extensions to dry properly, thus increasing their durability.

After getting that Eyelash extension done, you scared of going to the pool with the girls? You scared of having that nice shower cause of the false information? Go ROCK THE POOL QUEEN! That believe is just a misconception. Pay attention to our blog, because very soon we will tell you more about how to take care of extensions in summer.

Myth 3: Eyelash extensions look fake or overdone

Answer: FALSE

We have different types of volumes available to our clients, from the most natural to those that provide greater depth to the look. Even so, all of them are placed following the shape of the eye, so the result is very natural even in cases of greater volume.

Of course, each one has their own tastes and we have the option of placing longer extensions for those who are looking for a more extreme look. In addition, we have different effects that will help you achieve the ideal look and forget about the mascara.

This myth is false, since we have several types of length, diameter, color and curvature and we help you choose the model that best suits your needs and your eyelashes. In addition, they are all placed following the shape of your eye, so the result is very natural, even in cases of greater volume.

If you have always had this believe, you definitely have nothing to be scared of it is all natural, get that Lash extension beauty QUEENS!

Myths 4:  Eyelash Extensions Can Cause Irritation

Answer: FALSE

The eyelashes themselves do not cause allergies; the ones that cause this problem are the glue with which the extensions or 1×1 eyelashes are glued. Allergies appear around the eyes, such as redness, itching, hives, and swelling.

Myths 5: The Process of Removing Eyelash Extension is Painful

Answer: FALSE

Eyelash removal is not and should never be painful, it is not a procedure that depends on the tolerance of a person,and this technique is completely painless. In fact, many women relax while applying their eyelashes, so, in addition to beautifying yourself, you can take the opportunity to get rid of your tensions and forget about your problems.In applying and removing of eyelashes there are procedures to be followed; the client’s eyes should remain closed so as to avoid the products entering into the eyes.

Therefore, you should know thatLash extension application is not painful. You can choose between different shapes and sizes to find the look with which you feel most comfortable.

Few tips to avoid discomfort

  1. At the beginning of the process, educate clients on the importance of having the eyes closed during the process, so as to avoid pain or unnecessary discomfort.
  2. In order to avoid discomfort or irritation, avoid getting the gel removal or cream removal closer to the client’s eye.
  3. Try getting rid of the product residue!

The removal is an entirely harmless procedure in which you will feel nothing during the process, most people who get lash extensions fall asleep and relax, it is a moment that is enjoyed and serves to disconnect and rest.

Myths 6: Eyelash Extension Should Not be Used Regularly

Answer: FALSE

You do not need a break from getting that eyelash extension, wear your lashes with pride and rock it well for as long as you please!

The extension, which is attached to the eyelash, will fall when it falls, so filters must be done regularly. Depending on the renewal cycle of your eyelashes, you will have to fill them every 3-4 weeks so they are always perfect.

Myths 7: Eyelash Extensions can be uncomfortable

Answer: FALSE

If the extensions have been applied by a specialist they will not bother. Many users of eyelash extensions forget that they are wearing them, precisely because the comfort of use is total, with the sensation of being their own eyelashes and above all, with a naturalness that can be verified even at the shortest distances.

Myths 8: Eyelash Extensions process takes too long

Answer: FALSE

This is another unsubstantiated myth. If we start from the fact that it is a technique in which the eyelashes are put hair by hair and that, therefore, it must be practiced thoroughly, it is quite fast. In general, a professional does not spend more than an hour in the application of the procedure. Other beauty services, such as those applied to the hair, take longer than this treatment.

Every Thing You Need to know About Eyelash Extensions

I’m so lazy in the mornings… if I could fall asleep in my makeup and wake up perfect every day, I would (don’t worry, I’m not the beauty editor). So when I first heard about lash extensions, it sounded like the answer to all my prayers. Full, long, dark lashes every day, without the need for layers of mascara? Um, obvious. But before you go on a date, you should learn about the good, bad, and annoying aspects of always having selfie-ready lashes. Here everything you need to know about eyelash extensions.

What you should know before your appointment:

Eyelash extensions are not the same as false eyelashes.

Unlike gluing a row of temporary false lashes on the same line as your own, semi-permanent lashes are applied by an expert who places them on top of your natural lashes, says Andra Ciulei. Because lash extensions don’t come in a strip, they’re super customizable and really do look like the real thing. With proper care (more on this below), they can last six to eight weeks to fall out naturally, just like your normal lashes usually do.

Get your extensions in a reputable place

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you definitely get what you pay for. A cheap spot can result in poorly applied or not-so-pretty lashes or scary, infected lashes. So, just go to reputable, well-reviewed salons (no matter how good the discount is) and make sure your technician washes their hands between clients, wears a face mask, sterilizes their tweezers, and uses disposable lash brushes. Yes, you can ask your technician to show you those entire things. At Gollee eyelash extensions we got you covered.

So you made your date, now what?

Extensions are not the same for everyone.

Wearing too thick or too long lashes for your own can cause long-term damage, so you want to make sure your extensions aren’t too much longer or thicker than your natural lashes.”

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t panic: a lash specialist will help you make the best choice for your lashes, including what type of material to wear, such as synthetic mink and synthetic silk. Mink tends to be more expensive, feels softer, and looks more natural; however, some synthetics, which are highly customizable, can also look and feel natural and end up costing so much more than mink.

When it comes to the density, curvature, and length of your extensions, you’ll want to work with your technician to figure out which option is best for you.

Don’t wear makeup to your lash date

Show up to your date with clean skin and no eye makeup. That means absolutely no eyeshadow, liner, and/or mascara. Anything on your eyelids or lashes could affect the way your extensions stick.

How to take care of your new lashes:

Wear mascara and eyeliner with lash extensions? Hold

I do not recommend using mascara with lash extensions. Why? Because when you try to remove it at the end of the day, it can cause your extensions to break due to friction and makeup removal.

Be super gentle when you wash your face

Other products may contain ingredients that weaken the bond of your lash extensions and cause them to fall off prematurely. And if you’re wearing eye makeup, use oil-free pads and gently swipe down, rather than back and forth to cleanse your lids and lashes. And whatever you do, avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes.

Eyelash extensions require daily styling

  • Lashes can get tangled when you’re sleeping or showering, so gently brush them with a clean brush when you wake up, after you shower, and at the end of the day. And to avoid unnecessary tangles, try sleeping on your back or side (not on your stomach) and use a silk pillowcase, which tends to be softer with extensions.
  • Use an eyelash curler every day: pressing and constantly releasing the eyelashes with the eyelash curler, several times you remove some eyelash that was not in the falling phase (telogen) so some baldness can be generated.
  • Removing make-up is very important. At the end of the day, we must remove all makeup residue from our eyelashes. This will help us a lot, because this way the eyelash follicle will be clean and healthy for much longer. Leaving mascara on lashes overnight, without removing makeup, can affect the life cycle of lashes.
  • Lash extensions last 25 days or 1 month, but to keep them in the best conditions, good maintenance is necessary. It is advisable to do a touch-up after 15 or 20 days from the first application.
  • It is advisable that during the first 24 hours they do not have contact with water. After this period, you can do everything normally.
  • It is best to wash your face with warm water, rather than very hot water.
  • You should not make them up with masks.The look they offer by themselves is enough to look spectacular.

Advantages of getting eyelash extensions

  1. Natural appearance:  by placing each extension on each eyelash, a very natural effect is achieved.
  2. Enlarge the eye:  increases thickness and length without the need for mascara
  3. They can always be worn:  there is no problem in always wearing them because they do not damage the growth of the natural eyelash.
  4. They can be used on any occasion:  even in the pool or the sea, contrary to what many believe.
  5. Simplify your makeup routine:  you will save time and, what is better, you will always look beautiful.

Features Of Eyelash Extensions

Resistance And Durability

Eyelash extensions are made of natural or synthetic materials that offer resistance to agents suchas sweat, tears and water-based makeup.They are ideal for the summer season, since they do not come off in the sea or in the pool. In addition, with them you will not need makeup, because by themselves they beautify your eyes.


Depending on your needs, we make different materials available so that you can beautify your eyes.

We have vision extensions to obtain a look with a mascara effect. To look very sophisticated you can opt for 3D extensions, which add great volume and length. For thick, cosmetic-effect lashes, go for synthetic extensions, and for a 100% natural effect, go for silk.

Depending on the characteristics of your eyelashes, the beautician will indicate the length and curvature of the most suitable extensions.

Goodbye To Makeup

One of the great advantages that you achieve with the extensions is that you will not have to use a mask. You can also forget about other products, because this aesthetic treatment enlarges the look and they look phenomenal without having to resort to makeup.


Go to the session without rushing, since the beautician will place each extension one by one near the base of each of your eyelashes. For this, a hypoallergenic glue is used.

You must bear in mind that you have to keep your eyes closed during the session that lasts an hour and a half. It is important that the glue sets for about 24 hours. Subsequently, you will need maintenance every two or three weeks. You will be able to wear the extensions for about three months.


These are common myths I see many people have about eyelashes extensions and all you need to know about eyelash extensions. Do you also have that kind of believe about eyelash extensions? Know that they are all false believes and myths…..Now what are you waiting for????, we got you covered at Golle eyelashes extensions website, get your eye lashes today BABES!!!!!

Learn more about eyelash extensions with GOLLEE.

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