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Ceramic tiles advantages and disadvantages

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If you decide to choose ceramic decorative tiles as a floor covering, then you should understand that, like any other building material, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Orientation in its characteristics will help you choose the right material and correctly operate it, and the tile can last for many years. But the tile murals are so beautiful. 

Benefits of ceramic floor tiles

This finishing material has a number of strengths, thanks to which it has been so appreciated by consumers for many years:

  • Environmental friendliness. As part of ceramic tiles, sand and several types of clay are absolutely safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic substances. points of view.
  • Strength. The method of hot pressing and firing makes the tile durable, it is able to withstand heavy loads, many times exceeding this ability, for example, concrete.
  • Moisture resistance. The density of the surface of the tile does not allow it to pass not only water and grease, but also the appearance of mold or absorb odors.
  • Wear resistance. Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most durable materials. The method of annealing and applying a protective layer protects the surface of the tile from scratches, rubbing and other minor damage. In addition, the colors and patterns on the tiles do not fade.
  • Practicality. Ceramics are fire resistant, will not melt at elevated temperatures, and will not deform. Cleaning and maintenance of this material is simple, and the variety of appearance and textures will satisfy any demand.

Disadvantages of ceramic tiles

When choosing this material for finishing the floor, you must understand that it also has its weaknesses, which must be taken into account.

  • Cold surface. The tile has a high thermal conductivity, so its surface is always cold, which is not very good for the feet. But the use of the “warm floor” system can solve this problem.
  • Fragility. When transporting and laying, the tile must be treated very carefully, because it easily beats and splits. And during operation, sharp objects and the fall of heavy, especially metal objects are dangerous, since chips, cracks and other damage to the tile are possible.
  • Weak soundproofing. Tiles on the floor do not protect well from sounds, so the process of laying it becomes more expensive due to the additional layer of sound insulation.
  • Slipperiness. Tiles are very dangerous, they are very slippery, especially when water gets on them. Therefore, it is worth choosing coatings for bathrooms and sanitary rooms with a special non-slip surface.

Despite these shortcomings, tiles are in great demand on the market, and this can be explained by two factors: ease of installation, ample opportunities for interior decoration.

The tile is well suited for interior decoration, not only walls, but also the floor. A wide assortment helps to choose a solution for any concept, and a rich palette will help you choose a design for interior features.

If in the process of choosing ceramic tiles for your room, you will take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of this material, you will be able to correctly select the option you need.

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