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Celerity EMR Software For CAM Providers

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Celerity EMR

CAM providers will appreciate Celerity EMR software, which was developed in 2005. The software is specifically designed for the needs of the mental health industry, with an emphasis on chemical dependency. Unlike other EMR programs, it can handle patient data from both electronic health records and paper-based notes. With Celerity, providers can save time and money while improving care quality and patient satisfaction. Learn more about the benefits of this Celerity EMR software and how it works in your practice.

Behavioral health care management solution

Designed specifically for behavioral health providers, Celerity’s electronic medical record software streamlines the billing, scheduling, and treatment of clients. Using a cloud-based application, the software allows you to use the system anywhere, with unlimited custom reports included. For a minimal fee of $55 per month, you can install the software for your entire practice. To learn more, read on! This information will help you decide whether Celerity EMR is right for your practice.

Celerity’s CAM is a cloud-based electronic medical record solution that caters to a chemical dependency treatment and behavioral health care providers. The software offers multiple clinical features, including customizable intake and assessment forms. The software also allows you to configure forms to work with older record formats and prevent billing for services that not utilized. It also integrates with Financial and Administrative software, making it a powerful tool for behavioral health care management.

Electronic medical record

If you’re a substance abuse treatment center or behavioral health provider, you may be interested in learning more about Celerity’s electronic medical record (EMR) software. This software offers integrated billing and compliance tools to meet the strict requirements of HIPAA and other regulatory bodies.  Moreover, its 24/7 customer support staff is available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

As a CAM provider, Celerity Electronic medical record software is designed specifically for the needs of chemical dependency treatment centers. The software is highly effective for treatment providers in the area of chemical dependency and addiction. The system also works within existing EHR technology and helps clinicians capture the entire patient story without interfering with their productivity. A single click lets users access and edit patient records, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Practice management

If you are looking for a comprehensive practice management software package, Celerity EMR is an ideal choice. This EMR system integrates Financial and Administrative software with web-based Electronic Medical Records. The CAM solution is especially beneficial for mental and behavioral health practices that are on the go and may not have the IT resources to support multiple sites. It has pre-installed rules for coding and billing, customizable intake and assessment templates, and group scheduling tools.

The e-prescribing feature enables practitioners to send a prescription to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. Patients simply show their medical cards to pick up their medication. This feature saves time for patients and pharmacies and enables practitioners to deliver test results in a timely manner. Additionally, the patient portal streamlines communication with patients and streamlines test results. Practice management with Celerity EMR includes all of these features and many more. You can check for Elation EMR software reviews and features as well.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of operating an EMR software system often considered one of the most important aspects of purchasing one. Cost of ownership measures the overall cost of the system over time and includes both direct and indirect costs. Below you’ll find information on the cost of purchasing a Celerity EMR software system. The cost of ownership for these software solutions varies widely depending on features and practice size. Listed below are some tips for calculating your total cost of ownership.

CAM EHR Software is a web-based system that provides a comprehensive set of features. Celerity’s mission is to help treatment providers provide better patient outcomes by providing intuitive tools and user-friendly EMR systems. To make your investment as simple and straightforward as possible, consider Celerity’s CAM software. Its web-based platform is ideal for organizations with multiple locations and limited IT resources.

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