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Cash App Bank Name: How To Find It? [Updated 2022]

Cash App Bank Name

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Cash App Bank Name

 Cash App Bank Name: What Is It And How To Find It?


What is Cash App bank name is perhaps one of the most searched questions? Cash app is a peer-to-peer online payment platform. Cash App is used by millions of people across the US for various reasons like direct deposits, receiving stimulus checks, investing in stocks and buying or selling bitcoins, and borrowing money on Cash App. As Cash App says your money is your own business, it truly stands on it by giving you the facility to have full control over your cash app account. Now that Cash App carries out all the baking tools people often mistakenly think that Cash App is a bank. If you too have this doubt in mind then keep reading. We will answer this question in the next section.


Is Cash App a bank?


Well, to your surprise Cash App is not a bank. Although it seems to be very similar to it because it gives you all the tools that a bank gives. But it is not a bank. Cash App is an online payment platform that helps you send and receive money, Buy bitcoins, and invest in US stocks. Cash App was designed to provide ease to the people in this busy world where we do not get a proper time to eat. Cash App aimed to replace the traditional banks by saving people’s time by giving them the freedom to do banking on their devices. So you might be wondering if the cash app does everything on its own. Cash App can’t do everything on its own because it works online and it is not FDIC insured. Cash App is linked to two reputed US banks, if you do not know about it we will discuss what is bank name for cash app in the next section. 


What is Cash App bank name?


Cash App is not a bank itself it is an online banking portal that provides online banking services to its users. Cash App is associated with two highly reputed banks in the US which you must have heard of. Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. Cash App is linked to these banks for various functions like direct deposits, issuing cash app cards, and many more. Both of them carry different responsibilities for the Cash App users. We will talk about each of their role in brief in the next sections.


Cash App bank name for Direct Deposit


As Cash App is not a bank it cannot make direct deposits for its customers on its own. Cash App Direct deposit bank name is Lincoln Savings Bank. Cash app partnered with Lincoln savings bank to provide this banking feature to its users. Direct deposits on cash app are done with the help of Lincoln Savings Bank. So indirectly you will transfer your funds into Lincoln Savings Bank but it does not mean that you can have any access to Lincoln savings bank. If you face any trouble related to direct deposit Lincoln savings bank is not responsible or questionable. You have to contact the Cash app regarding your issue. 


Cash App Bank name for Cash App card


Cash App provides debit cards to its users like all the other banks but remembers Cash App itself can not do it because Cash App is not a bank. Cash App bank name for issuing Cash App cards is Sutton bank. Sutton bank is one of the trustable banks in the US and it issues all the debit cards of cash app for its users. The cash app card issued is unique for each user. But keep this in mind that Sutton bank is not responsible for any f your problem. If your CashApp card is lost or stolen or not working you can not contact Sutton bank, you need to reach out to Cash app customer service.


How to find your Bank name for Cash App?


To find your bank name for Cash App you must know your cash app account routing number. The routing number is a numeric code of every bank which helps to find the name and locate the bank. Follow the steps below to find your cash app routing number and cash app bank name.

  • Tap to open the cash app.
  • Login to your cash app account.
  • Go to the banking tab.
  • Tap routing and account number below your balance.

You will see your account number and routing number. Note it down f you want. To make it easy for you we writing the routing number of Sutton bank and Lincoln savings bank. 

Cash App Sutton bank Routing number: 041215663

Cash App Lincoln Savings Bank Routing number: 073923033


Now that you know the routing numbers of both banks you will easily find your cash app bank name now.

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