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Blogging as a Career Option in 2022.

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Blogging as a Career Option in 2022.

Blogging turns out to be the most considered career option in 2020 especially among youngsters, and so an enormous amount of people are getting into the blogging business day by day to make money.

Nowadays, people love being an entrepreneur rather than working for someone else company as a salaried employee. On an obvious note, people want to live a boss free life and work in terms of their favor. No matter if you are sort of investment to start your own company to become your boss, Why not Blogging?

If you wish to start your entrepreneur life and make money, I would strongly suggest you to choose blogging as a career in 2020. Of course, you need an investment, but not a huge amount of money to start your own blogging business. Blogging only needs minimal investment to start with.

Apart from the investment factor, there is something you need to understand about the blogging industry to avoid the issues that many beginners experiencing already.

If you are care about choosing blogging as your career, you are at the right place to know whether blogging is the perfect choice for you to choose as a career option in 2020.

Do you have a question on How to Start Blogging as a Career in 2020? Then, You must be good at these qualities. Remember blogging is not just for everyone out there. Believe me, it demands too many factors.

Post Contents
  • 1. Start Blogging as a Part-Time Career
  • 2. Develop your Writing Skill
  • 3. Learn to Keep Your Hope Alive
  • 4. Blogging as a Career in 2020 is Not for Those Who Can’t Maintain Patience Level
  • 5. Adapt to Work on New Techniques
  • 6. Consistency Factor Matters a Lot
  • 7. Choose Niche Not a Market
  • Conclusion

1. Start Blogging as a Part-Time Career

Just because many people have already chosen blogging as a full-time career, do not simply leave your full-time professional career to start working on blogging. It is advisable to first start blogging as a part-time job.

As I said, blogging is not for everyone and you may not know whether blogging works fine for you or not. So, at least you must gain a complete two years part-time blogging experience to decide whether blogging as a full-time career right option for you or not. In the first two years, put your high effort to learn the basics. Usually, one can learn the basics of blogging within six months but still spending two years initially as a part-time blogger is a great idea to learn everything blogging.

2. Develop your Writing Skill

Out of a hundred, 70 percentages of your effort should be writing quality content for your blog. There is a saying in the blogging field ‘Content is the King’. To write reader-friendly and interesting blog posts, you must develop your writing skills.

Undoubtedly, writing well gripped contents help you enhance your blogging career. Writing skills include writing content without grammatical errors. With the help of tools like Grammarly, Grammarcheck, you can develop your writing skills. At some point, you may feel bored with writing. This happens to everyone who is the blogging business. To overcome the boredom feel, you just have to keep on practicing writing. Probably, writing content every day is a good idea.

Writing contents for your blog is not just limited only to your blog posts, but also you must write various content for your social media posts, blog comments, replying to the comments you received on your blog posts, etc…So, you can’t skip developing your writing skill. You must check your content before you publish it tools like plagiarism checker, plagiarism detector.

3. Learn to Keep Your Hope Alive

While starting, everybody would have 100 percent of the hope that you can succeed in the blogging field. You keep the hope alive all the time in your blogging career. Blogging results cannot be the same all the time as you expected like any other business blogging also has its ups and downs. Whenever the results are down, you should not lose your hope. Losing hope might cause you to give up. Down the results usually happen and in such cases, you have to become even stronger to overcome the results drop to back on the track on again.

Ups and downs may happen throughout your entire blogging career, whenever you feel down, think about why you started all these and the effort you put so far.

4. Blogging as a Career in 2020 is Not for Those Who Can’t Maintain Patience Level

You published something on your blog and cannot wait for results tomorrow. It takes time and in between, you must start to focus on your blogging schedules than just simply looking for results.

For this, you need patience. If you ask any professional bloggers about one fine quality that every blogger should require, most of them reply to you with the term being patience.

If you are one who cannot maintain your patience level in the blogging field, it’s harder to succeed as blogging is in the long run.

If there are no positive results today, never worry and focus on your work, you will get better results tomorrow.

Blogging is strictly not for those who are daydreaming without following proper work ethics and looking for overnight success.

5. Adapt to Work on New Techniques

Back in 2011, when I joined as an SEO trainee in a company, I used to build around 100 backlinks in a day in terms of social bookmarking and forum posting submissions for clients sites. Those days building a high number of backlinks was the biggest Google ranking factor, and years passed things have changed a lot and the algorithms keep on changing every regular interval.

So, you must be keen to understand the new algorithms, how the search engine works currently, and what Google prefers the most to rank a website and adapt yourself to new techniques.

Whenever Google releases a new algorithm, there are chances that your results may drop sometimes. You should be clever to know the reasons and change things accordingly.

6. Consistency Factor Matters a Lot

If you work for 15 days a month and cannot continue any blogging works for the remaining days of the month. You fail.

Be consistent in your schedule, no matter even if you work just 2-3 hours a day or even less, follow the schedule consistently without break.

Initially, it will be hard to maintain your consistency level of blogging works, but once you start doing it for 2 to 3 months, you will be addicted to the work and you never miss your schedule at any cost.

Being not consistent is the one main reason that 80% of the bloggers fail within their 3 to 4 months of blogging. As I said, do not feel bad when you get no results. Work consistently and experience magical moments.

7. Choose Niche Not a Market

Never blog on the market topics. Be wise to choose your niche. A niche is what you are going to blog about in particular and a market is what your niche main category belongs to.

Many bloggers used to fail earlier because of not focusing on choosing the proper niche. People used to prefer the market, not niche. For instance, writing about yoga practices is a niche and overall health and fitness which is a main category of Yoga is a market. Instead, cover all the health and fitness topics, it is advisable to only write about yoga.

This is the difference between market and niche. You should be more clever in choosing your niche. Remember, Google gives more preference to blogs that speak about one particular concept than multiple categories. So, choose a niche or even sub-niche and not an entire market.


In 2020, blogging career opportunities are huge. but the thing is how you prepared yourself mentally to make your blogging a full-time career.

For the first one year, forget about the money-making mindset and believe your blog as a brand and start working on it as much as possible. Ensure to follow up on the above mentioned 7 criteria. The chances are high by following the above, you can choose blogging as a career in 2020.

Share the Post with Your Buddies, it might help your beloved buddies to decide whether to choose blogging as a career or not.

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