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Bioconstruction and Energy Efficiency Air Conditioning

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Before stopping to think that energy saving and air conditioning were related. Cooling solutions basically derive from the natural construction of homes. The use of the right materials and the distribution of spaces was vital to build efficient housing for best  Construction Companies in UAE

Energy Saving in Air Conditioning

Current air conditioning allows us to air-condition any room, anywhere. And “dominate” the ambient temperature at will. Through a mechanical ingenuity that allows to reverse the temperature flow from a hotter to a colder one. Through a condenser a system of ventilation.

Traditional Construction and Its Energy Efficiency

In the past, especially in hot climates, the resources of using shaded spaces. And used temperature differences at the time of planning and constructing a home or a building. In the construction of the Arab culture in the Arabian Peninsula. We can see extraordinary examples. 

Where a brutal difference in achieving temperature between the outside and the inside of the building. Using intelligence and ingenuity as creative ways to achieve freshness. And also take advantage of water resources.

This article comprehensively explains the use of the patio in Mediterranean constructions. To make us forget to see energy savings and air conditioning as the broken couple.

This means that if we place the outdoor unit in the coolest part of a patio. Instead of on the roof of the building. The thermal difference to save will be less, so the efficiency of our equipment will be higher.

Energy Saving and Air Conditioning: Abide by The Regulations

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

We can combine energy saving and air conditioning in an installation of these characteristics. As long as the conditions of the building. And the current regulations of each municipality allow it. 

But it is a very relevant fact to those who write building laws and more. Should consider the new regulations regarding the energy certification of buildings. That came to the fore last year. And that is mandatory for the sale or rental of any home.

Ducted Air Conditioning 

If, for example, we want to install a ducted air conditioning machine in a home. We must use the best materials to achieve the best insulation throughout the installation. And, furthermore, if we manage to place the outdoor unit in a place that is as cool as possible. The compressor will have to make less effort to bridge the temperature difference. Between the interior of the room and the interior. So, energy savings will be greater.

This is complicated in large cities. Where municipal regulations and the space that each neighbor has in his home do not allow him. In most cases, to choose the most suitable place to place the external air conditioning unit. There is usually a small space on the façade. Or on the roof of the building. 

The efficient alternative is to try to locate it in the neighboring patio or in specific areas created for this purpose. Since the noise of the compressors can disturb the sleep and rest of the other owners and generate conflicts.

Bioconstruction As an Energy Saving Alternative

Bioconstruction is more than the construction of houses with organic, recyclable, or natural materials. It also consists of taking advantage of uneven terrain. Air currents or water or rain resources so that. The cost of energy is as low as possible. 

In this way we will achieve the same as integrating energy savings and air conditioning. That the cost of the energy we need to air-condition our homes is much lower. By having better insulation and better use of resources. Putting them on our side instead of facing they.


If we want more information about bioconstruction. On this page we can find many resources to download, such as construction with straw bales or with adobe.

In any case, the solution when building new homes is to use the available resources in the most efficient way. Always thinking of energy savings and air conditioning. As something possible and desirable to improve the comfort level of future tenants.

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