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Best DDR2 4GB RAM Price List

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When considering the working of a laptop, RAM is one of the most critical components allowing an easy but fast data transfer.

Hence, one should choose a laptop or desktop with an appropriate RAM version and size to experience the best possible working.

Any DDR2 4GB RAM price is more or less in the same range due to their demand and working ability.

These DDR2 4GB RAM price lists contain a variety of models from different companies providing options to choose one.

Best DDR2 4GB RAM price list

1. Bewinner1 PC2-6400

Designed by AMD, it has a frequency of up to 800MHz, which favors a fast data exchange.

They consume a voltage of 1.8 volts to work with enough power supply and perform activities.

Their 240-pin structure provides a standard framework for connectivity. Hence have an efficient data exchange.

Thus, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is around 1.6k, a precise amount for this unit.

2. Honeytecs DDR2 desktop memory bar

A global name in the RAM market, this model has some of the best working capacity at a decisive condition.

Their 800MHz frequency provides the base of a fast pace data transfer. Thus, avoiding any interruptions.

They have a power consumption of up to 1.8 volts to keep up with other crucial parts of the motherboard.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price falls around 1.6K, an average amount but a precise tag.

3. Hynix Memory SO-DIMM

Their memory speed can reach up to 800MHz to support the given workload without having a state of latency.

It is a DDR2 SDRAM type made by some of the best manufacturing experts. So, minimal chance of problems. 

It is compatible with laptops that support the 200-pin variant, which helps reduce slowness.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is around 3k, a higher cost for fast and better quality.

4. Kingston KVR800D2N6K2

A well-renowned name in this field, this model has a reputation for its reliability and longevity.

It has the same 800MHz frequency speed but with fast data transfer technology. Thus, a perfect option for gaming and professional uses.

They are available in a 2GB version for those compatible units for such suitable activities.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price swings around 4.7k, a higher amount relative to other models.

5. Hynix server RAM

You know that this Hynix company is reliable when it appears more than once on the list.

They are available in DDR4 and DDR2 RAM technology to give options for everyone’s convenience.

Their usual frequency rate is 800MHz to catch up with DDR2 technology and provide data transfer.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is around 6k because a server product has a higher cost.

6. Samsung DDR2 4GB RAM

A world-class company with a high-end product, this model has some of the best quality components for a better experience.

They are available in different frequency ranges, but the 800MHz speed works.

It is compatible with many models because they have a standard connecting framework.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price falls around 1.9k, a small difference from other units.

7. BeWinner DDR2 RAM

It has a different frequency rate of around 667MHz for those who use such a speed range for specific activities.

It claims to have a lossless transmission using technology and fast but efficient data exchange.

Designed by AMD, they support a standard connectivity way and help associate a pathway for information to flow.

Thus, this DDR2 4GB  price is around 1.6k, a pinpoint amount for such products.

8. Simmtronics DDR2 RAM

A trustworthy name in this field, this model might sound like an average unit until used in a high-pressure condition.

It has the same 800MHz frequency forming a constant speed with your laptop and motherboard.

They are compatible with a laptop that has a connecting port for 240-pin. Thus, a typical framework system.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is the same as other models, which are less.

9. Samsung SO-DIMM DDR2 RAM

Again a well-renowned name if electronics products, this model is one the best-selling unit of its time.

The 800MHz frequency in the DDR2 SDRAM Form factor works better than other speed ranges.

Their 200-pin arrangement is viable for many laptops of different series and companies.

Hence, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is average compared with other products of the same caliber.

10. Kingston DDR2 4GB RAM

This model is so standard that you might be using it currently and not notice its fast performance.

It has the same 800MHz frequency to operate information exchange with your motherboard.

They have a usual high demand due to their commonality with major RAM models.

Thus, this DDR2 4GB RAM price is more or less the same are other counterparts.


These RAMs are compatible with their type and have specific purposes depending on the components.

Hence, know your connection type and the purpose for buying one to get the best understanding.

So, read and research before concluding about the model to get the right deal.

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