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All About Eliminating the QuickBooks Error 1310

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QuickBooks Error 1310

A lot of times, errors occur while operating QuickBooks or installing the latest release. These errors can come up abruptly and disrupt normal functioning. When the installation source is damaged, the user is unable to update QuickBooks. In such a scenario, the QuickBooks error 1310 pops up. The user cannot update the program and the screen might freeze when this issue occurs. If you are encountering the error 1310 during installation, there might be a few possible reasons for why it arises. Keep on reading this article to learn about the reasons behind the error and the solutions to resolve it reliably.

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Why Do I Keep Getting Error 1310 in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks error code 1310 can get triggered due to the following causes –

  1. The installation source is damaged, causing the 1310 error code.
  2. The QuickBooks program is unable to establish a stable internet connection.
  3. There might be damage to the QuickBooks company file or it might be corrupted.
  4. Your firewall is blocking QuickBooks from working correctly.

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Steps to Perform when You Are Unable to Install QuickBooks Error Writing to File

To fix the QuickBooks error 1310, perform the steps mentioned below –

Step 1. If Your UAC is Enabled, Disable the Settings

Modify the user account control settings and disable the UAC to fix the QuickBooks Desktop error 1310.

  1. Open the Run window and access the Control Panel from the search box.
  2. Click on User Account and select the Change User Account Settings option.
  3. Click Yes and select Never Notify on the slider to disable UAC.
  4. Hit OK and perform a system restart, followed by updating QuickBooks again.

Step 2. Fix Installation Issues by Utilizing the QuickBooks Tools Hub

For this, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub or install the tool hub, if you don’t have it already. From the tool hub, go to the Installation Issues tab and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool by double-clicking on it. Once the diagnosis ends, restart QuickBooks and see if the error 1310 during installation is resolved.

Step 3. Allow Complete Admin Access Permissions to the Windows Installer

Admin rights are essential to install or upgrade QuickBooks Desktop. Allow access permissions to the Windows installer to fix the QuickBooks Desktop error 1310.

  1. Right-click on the QB icon and select the Run as Admin option to use the admin login.
  2. Enter your admin credentials and run QuickBooks again.
  3. Type msconfig in the Run window command box and wait for the black color window to appear.
  4. Type icacls “C:\Config.Msi”/T/C/grant administators:F and hit Enter to run the command.
  5. Once done, install QuickBooks and see if the error code 1310 is eliminated.


If you are getting the QuickBooks error 1310 while updating the application, perform the steps provided above to resolve it. If the error code persists, you can get professional help in fixing the error code. Dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our technical assistance team and get the error fixed.

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