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All About Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment

All About Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment

by Gaurav Singh
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Battle.net balance card

Battle.net balance card – A publisher and creator of video games, Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. is based in Irvine, California. Three University of California graduates, Michael Morhaime, Frank Pearce, and Allen Adham, founded Silicon & Synapse, Inc. on February 8, 1991.

With titles like Rock n’ Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings, the business started creating their own software in 1993 after initially specialising in game ports for other studios’ games.

The company changed its name to Chaos Studios, Inc. after being acquired by distributor Davidson & Associates in 1993, and eventually to Blizzard Entertainment. Then came Warcraft: Orcs & Humans from Blizzard.

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Blizzard Entertainment created the social networking and gaming website Battle.net, formerly known as Blizzard Battle.net. It debuted on December 31, 1996, the same day as the video game Diablo was released.

Battle.net quickly established itself as a popular alternative among players and a key selling point for Diablo and subsequent games due to the ease of account creation and lack of subscription fees.

Numerous companies have launched online gaming services that are similar to Battle.net’s functionality and user experience after its successful launch.

Battle.net Classic

Battle.net Classic was launched on December 31, 1996, with just a few simple features like chatting and game listings (the first game to use the site was Diablo, which was released on January 3, 1997, a few days after Battle.net’s release).

In Battle.net Classic, players could sign up for the service, talk with other players, and play multiplayer Diablo games.

The Battle.net servers did not save any game data aside from the user’s account information and did not transmit any data. This made the service quick and simple to use, but because cheaters could alter their game data locally, cheating quickly became quite common.

However, many players ended up playing with people they knew since players were allowed to set up private game play.

Battle.net 2.0

Blizzard Entertainment updated Battle.net in 2009. The new Battle.net has three distinct areas. The first enables players to link all Battle.net accounts, World of Warcraft characters, and friends lists into a uniform single Battle.net account.

Players can also collect and unlock achievements in the game, which unlock avatars and decals that appear on their profile; the decals can also be seen in the game on their player’s units.

The new update focuses on changing Battle.net into a platform for player competition, including a new, improved matching system that makes it easier for players to plan games. The ladder system, which puts players into different leagues based on how competitive they are, has also been modified.

The new chat system, which makes use of a new way for immediate communication across games, is covered in the new update. Now, it is possible for characters, servers, and games to communicate and form friendships.

Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App

Blizzard Entertainment released the Battle.net Launcher open beta in August 2013. The launcher is a desktop software that allows users to access their friends list, messaging, buy, install, and patch their games; manage accounts; and play games.

Blizzard Battle.net Mobile App

The Battle.net app for iOS and Android was published by Blizzard Entertainment in September 2017. The application offers fundamental social networking features, including accepting and sending friend invitations and chatting with friends using a user’s Battle.net connections.

Blizzard Battle.net Top Games

  • Diablo
  • Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty
  • Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft
  • Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos
  • World of Warcraft (WoW)
  • Overwatch

Safety on Battle.net

Although normal players consider the gaming platform safe, some players find it unsafe and their accounts get hacked. Your account may get hacked if you download third party apps. click on external links sent by some unknown player or user, download scripts, etc.

To avoid such mishaps, use the platform only for gaming and don’t indulge in third party apps and links in any way. Besides, to stay safe from scammers, refrain from using your bank details on gaming platforms, and if you want to buy something on Battle.net, use a Battle.net gift card to fill your balance.

Battle.net Restrictions and Rules: Playing on Battle.net

There are some rules that you must know when playing on Battle.net, including:

  • Players can customise names, including guild names, player names, and BattleTags. And they must be suitable and inoffensive. If Battle.net finds that the username is hurting any particular religious or any other community, and has violent language, they’ll ban the account.
  • When you communicate with any of the players or Battle.net community, refrain from using any violent, vulgar, or offensive language.
  • Scamming, trading items, account sharing, hacking, or cheating will get your account banned.
  • You cannot convert your Blizzard or Battle.net balance into cash or get it refunded. Once you get your balance, you can only use it to buy in-game items and games on the platform. It can’t be used on other shopping platforms, even on the Blizzard Gear Store.
  • You can only buy things from the shop that are in your account currency. You cannot, for example, make a purchase from a European store using a Dollar currency account.
  • The maximum balance allowed on Battle.net is $350 and €250, and if you don’t have any authenticators—a two-factor authentication—linked, the maximum limit will reduce to $110 and €110.


Since the launch of Blizzard’s first game, The Lost Vikings, in 1992, the company has established many other entertaining games and services for its users.

With the launch of Battle.net, Blizzard built a huge user base. Battle.net, like any other gaming platform, is updating itself every year. Which creates new opportunities not only for the platform but for its users as well.

It is an amazing platform with games that will keep you hooked for hours, like Diablo, World of Warcraft, and many more.

You can also get to play all these games with GamersGift’s Battle.net redeem code.

So, get yours now!

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