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Advice For Submitting Your Music To Blogs

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Over the past ten years, music blogs have greatly helped independent musicians who are attempting to promote their music. Up-and-coming musicians now have a place to post their music, reach out to new listeners, and gain reviews from industry experts thanks to music bloggers.

Popular music blogs on the music business receive a ton of entries every day, which has led to the regrettable situation where most music submissions are never even looked at because the bloggers don’t have enough time to review each and every entry.

So how do you make your contribution stand out from the crowd and encourage bloggers to listen to your music?

The songs that attract the bloggers’ attention right away and are accepted for consideration are those that are visually appealing. To be able to differentiate yourself from the other submissions, it is crucial that you creatively adapt every aspect of your application. Since you want people to hear your new hit song, the more work you put into these elements, the more it will pay off in the end.

You need to make certain that you are submitting your music to blogs that feature music from your music genre. Obviously, if you’re doing Hip hop music, you should look for Hip hop blogs, the same goes for different genres like electronic music, singer songwriter, indie rock etc…

There are loads of music blogs out there all presenting different sorts of music. To identify music blogs that accept song submissions, you’ll need to conduct some research using Google and social media sites. Once you have a list of music blogs, start sorting through it and selecting the ones you feel most comfortable submitting your song to.

You should have as many possibilities as possible since the more music websites that feature you, the more exposure your song will get. Additionally, additional people will start listening to your music, which could increase the size of your fan base.

Put together your press kit

First off, having an electronic press kit (EPK) makes you appear credible and professional, which is why bands should have one. A well-written press release will put you ahead of other musicians since bloggers will value your attention to detail. If a blogger is short on time, your press release will give them enough fundamental details to decide whether they want to accept your submission and write about your music.

Research blog contact details and submission guidelines for each blog

The contact information for the blog editors should be found on the official website of the music blogs you have chosen to submit your songs to. Finding the blog editor’s contact information is still a good idea even though many music blogs have a music submission form on their websites. This way, when you do send a submission email, you can address it to the editor by name, such as “Dear James Brown,” rather than to a generic name like “Dear blog editor.”

Use a music submission platform

You have the opportunity to Submit Your Video curators all over the world thanks to Music Submission Platform. An online music submission platform like Carpet Jam, for instance, allows musicians to submit their songs to music blogs, Spotify playlists, YouTube channels, radio stations, and more! A blogger or curator will examine your song after you’ve uploaded it, and if they like what they hear, they’ll add it to their own blog, playlist, or YouTube channel.

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