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Abaya – Modest masterpiece

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When it comes to modest fashion, a small detail can make a simple outfit look like a modest masterpiece.

For some Muslimahs who are into fashion, this can mean having a ready supply of belts, jewelry, and handbags to add a little extra flair or sparkle to their outfits.

But here’s a little secret: you don’t always need a treasure trove of accessories to add a new dimension to your outfits. Sometimes, all you need to make a strong fashion statement is an abaya with embellished cuff sleeves.

We have a beautiful selection of cuff-sleeve abayas that can take any modest Muslimah’s wardrobe to the next level. Here’s the scoop on all of our abayas with embellished cuff sleeves.

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Beautiful lace

We think that every Muslim woman should own at least one lace cuff sleeve abaya, which is the height of luxury and makes a beautiful statement day or night.

Our online store has a beautiful collection of cuff-sleeve abayas with beautiful lace details that you can wear to a family event or a work event.

Some of our favourite designs include:

Scalloped sleeves: Instead of having straight-edged sleeves in your abaya collection, try one of our beautiful scalloped lace cuff designs to show off the beauty of curves. These flowy, wide-sleeved designs have lacy details in a variety of colors, from black, white, and grey to beige, green, berry, blue, and metallic.
Straight sleeves: Our straight lace cuff sleeve abayas are anything but straight-laced if you like the look of lace in a more structured cuff design. You can choose from plain and patterned sheer lace in all kinds of colors to add a sleek and striking element to your outfit. This will make sure that your outfit stands out for the right reasons.
Lace with flowers: Add some natural beauty to your wardrobe with cuffs made of lace with flowers. From wedding dresses to evening gowns, floral lace is the perfect way to add a delicate yet luxurious touch to your outfit.
Beautiful embroidery
If lace cuffs aren’t your thing, we have many other options, like embroidered designs, for you to choose from.

Many of our embroidered cuff sleeve abayas are hand-sewn, giving your outfit a high-end, custom look.

With its bright threads and fine details, an abaya with embroidered cuff sleeves is a great way to dress up an outfit without adding much else.

Lovely beads and stones

If you want an abaya with cuff sleeves that stand out, you might want to look for one that has beads and gems on it.Hand-stitched embellishments like pearls, diamantes, and beads on the cuffs will catch the light beautifully as you move through the room, making them instantly elegant and eye-catching.

All you have to do is choose the design and color that best fits your style and the occasion.

Different cuffs

To make a fashion statement, you don’t have to wear fabrics with a lot of shine and bling. A simple design element like a contrast in color or fabric can be just as interesting and powerful.

This is where our abayas with contrast cuffs on the sleeves stand out. From bold florals that liven up a plain abaya to stark fabric color contrasts on the inside of the cuff sleeves, we have lots of options in a wide range of colors.

Useful cuffs with gathers

We have the perfect solution for Muslimahs who want their cuff sleeves to be both stylish and useful: gathered cuff sleeve abayas. We have a huge selection of cuff sleeves that are tapered or have gathers at the end. Some styles, like our sheer lace tie-up sleeves, are all about adding style, while others, like our zipped or elasticated cuffs, are all about functionality and modesty.

Many of our prayer sets have sleeves with cuffs that zip and stretch to keep you as modest and comfortable as possible all day long. Equally, adding details like frills and lace can make an outfit stand out and make it more modest at the same time.



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