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7 Things To Look For In A Professional Modular Construction Company

by Bianca Banda
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Today, many innovative products and services are booming in the market. Even the sector of our economy that builds and improves buildings and infrastructure keeps up with these changes. The construction industry has also developed new ways to provide building construction more affordable and time-efficient.

One of the innovations that the construction industry has brought to life is modular construction. Modular construction refers to building a property off-site using modules to construct a four-walled structure. Even though modular construction still seems young and new in the industry, it actually started in 1837. 

One of the reasons it’s becoming popular today is because of its role during the pandemic. Many hospitals and facilities worldwide relied on modular healthcare buildings to combat the pandemic. As a result, many businesses from different industries today prefer to use modular buildings. Thankfully, many modular construction companies exist, too. However, it’s hard to choose a professional and reliable company if all of them claim to be one.

To help you, here are seven things you should look for in a professional modular construction company.


1 – The company’s history

First, start by understanding the company’s history. In business, most consumers prefer buying from a brand with rich history compared to new ones. Even though a company’s background does not define its work quality, it affects customers’ perception towards it. 

To know what type of company you could be working with, learn its history first. Visit their website’s “about us” page and get to know their vision, mission, and goals. You could also do a quick background research about them by searching related articles and posts. Be sure to have enough background on how long the company has been in the industry and its primary services.

Since many construction companies have only started providing modular construction services, knowing their history would be helpful. It is the first thing that will tell you whether a construction company has enough experience in modular construction. 


2 – Their previous projects and work experience

Now that you know what the company is about, it’s time to dive into their previous projects and work experience. Knowing a company’s history is not enough to validate whether its claims stand true–that’s why you must know its previous projects, specifically its modular buildings. 

It’s easy for companies to upload a picture of a building and claim that it’s their work and design. That’s why it’s essential to fact-check if the projects they claim as theirs exist. You can research the properties on the website for verification. If there are no available articles or posts about the projects, you can do a site visit if the address is available. 

Site visits may be unnecessary, but if you want to verify their work without relying on the company’s claims, this would be helpful.


3 – Its clients’ reviews 

One of the things that could convince a consumer to buy a product is other customers’ reviews. Have you ever tried looking in an online store and found yourself in the review or comments section? Undoubtedly, we’ve all been there. 

Client reviews help us decide whether to push through with a brand’s product or service. Those reviews help and influence our decision-making on whether to trust a company. Since consulting a construction company is a massive service to claim, it’s critical to know what other people think. 

Those reviews will give you an idea of how the company works with their clients. Also, you’ll be aware of the areas they lack in customer service and work quality. 


4 – The materials they use

Most modular construction companies use wood, steel, or cement when building a modular property. Unfortunately, people not well-versed in modular properties claim that plastic is the primary material for building one. If you find a construction company that uses plastic in their modular buildings, it’s better to look for another company unless that is your material preference.

People have a misconception that mobile homes and modular properties are the same. However, that’s not true. Even though modular properties are constructed off-site, that doesn’t mean they’re composed of the same materials as mobile homes.


5 – Their work production’s time frame

The way to know how quick the turnaround time of a construction company is is by inquiring. Unless they have a turnaround time on their website, you’ll need to consult your project with them first. There’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with them. In fact, it is a great way to dive into our next point. But, more on that later.

One of the best points of modular properties is their time production. Usually, companies can finish building a property within three to five months, depending on its structure and details. So if your project plan is quite technical, it’s best to consult them first. That way, you’ll know whether they can meet your time frame and project needs.


6 – The way they interact and work with potential clients

After you inquire, it’s time to assess how they manage inquiries from potential clients. Unfortunately, many veteran companies don’t treat potential clients fairly. Unless you’re working on a project for a big corporation, some will make you feel inferior.

If you’re okay working with a company like that, you can skip this. But also remember that various meetings, follow-ups, and revisions will occur throughout the project. Wouldn’t it be better to work and communicate with a company that makes an effort to meet your needs for the best? If your answer is yes, consider this one.


7 – Their flexibility with your customisation preferences and are transparent with their limitations.

Lastly, look if the company is flexible with your customisation preferences. But you shouldn’t just take that as an advantage alone. Why? Because every construction company has its limitations. 

It would be better to work with a company that is transparent with its limitations but makes an effort to incorporate your needs. Your property’s result will be better if you also consider the company’s suggestions and not just your wants.


Work with a company that treats your project as if it is theirs. 

Hopefully, you’ll find a professional modular construction company for your project with the help of this post. If you’re still having a hard time looking for one, here’s my last tip. Work with a company that treats your project as if it is theirs. Working with one can undoubtedly help you deliver your plan to success.


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for MTX Contracts U.K., a privately owned construction and engineering company. MTX delivers single-source construction and engineering solutions to the UK’s public and private sectors, consistently promoting innovation and sustainable construction.


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