You may be familiar with this magic makeup technique that can hide all your nighttime secrets and cover up your secrets you're afraid to share!

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You may be familiar with this magic makeup technique that can hide all your nighttime secrets and cover up your secrets you’re afraid to share! It’s true that the nifty concealer comes to the help. However, covering up blemishes not all the concealer can do (yes you can!). From brightening and defining the shape of your skin, this reliable tube deserves the honor of being the MVP of your routine of beauty.

Explore these different ways to apply concealers that nobody has ever told you about.

#1 – Helps to lift your Lashes

If your mascara isn’t able to create those eyelashes, you can try the concealer. No kidding! Are you wondering how to apply concealer to increase the volume of your lashes? Just pour a small amount of concealer onto the back of your hands and then use a Q tip to apply the concealer on your lashes. It is also possible to use an older mascara brush in order to achieve the perfect application. Once the mascara is dry then apply your mascara using the traditional zig-zag method to cover the concealer.

#2 – Brightens & Illuminates Your Face

If you think that the primary role of a concealer is to hide dark circles and pigmentation, then you are incorrect. It also makes the highlights of your face appear brighter and more radiant. Change your highlighter to concealer, since it makes certain areas stand out that make them appear more lifted over the rest of your face. It also adds a luminosity to your face. Choose a shade that is 2 shades darker than the skin color. apply it to your forehead, the bridge on your nose beneath eyes, the cupid’s bow, or even the arched part of your eyebrows.

How do you apply concealer to deep-set circles you might ask? Just apply the concealer directly onto the eyes and mix it in a smooth way to reduce the impact of discoloration.

#3 – Functions as a Tinted Moisturizer

If you’re looking to achieve a clean, no-makeup makeup look using only your moisturizer, but don’t wish to invest in expensive tinted creams, you can make your own. Mix a tiny amount of concealer in your moisturizer that you use every day and then apply it to your skinso that it can be used as an illuminating moisturizer that is tinted or moderate coverage foundation. It is also possible to blend the concealer with an illuminated moisturizer and create a glistening, dewy base.

#4 – Get Lips that are Defined

Make use of your concealer to highlight your lips as well as to clean up your mistakes in lipstick and even make them appear more plump. Make your lips appear more plump by using small brushes to draw attention to the edges of your lips . Then, blend them using an emulsion to give them a natural look. It is likely that you have spilled your lipstick at least once at a time, but especially when wearing a bold lipstick. No more. Apply a tiny amount concealer over the smudged area and remove the pigments. Also, you can you can achieve a smooth and even application!

#5 – Provides well-defined eyebrows

Do you want to tidy up your eyebrows? Apply this timeless technique to shape and sharpen your eyebrows. When you’re done creating as well as filling your thin eyebrows, grab the flat brush, and place the concealer over and just below your eyebrows to highlight the arch’s shape. Apply it to the eyelids for a more look that is more lifted.

It’s great! It’s not like there’s anything that just a bit of concealer won’t fix. Once you’ve mastered the various ways to apply concealer to conceal eyebrows, dark circles, highlight and more, take a look at the short tutorial on applying concealer for those who are new to the art of applying concealer.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin by applying moisturizer primer and apply a foundation with a high coverage.

Step 2: Take your concealer, and using the shape of a triangle, you can apply it under your eyes and apply it to the areas of your face that are pigmented and must cover.

Step 3: Then step is to take a moist beauty sponge and mix it well. Make sure you dab rather than drag, focusing on areas that could wrinkle.

Step 4: Then take your brush and dip it in translucent powder and seal the concealer. Allow it to sit for a bit and scrub off the excess.



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