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5 Expert Tips for Advertising on Amazon in 2022

Advertising on Amazon

by Stella Sharon
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Amazon is always pushing to advertise. In 2022, they earned more than $30 billion in ad revenue. This is why you should increase the size of your ads to Amazon by 2022.

A report for 2020 on Amazon shows that 70% of companies surveyed advertise on Amazon. Furthermore, 83% have a 4x return on investment with Amazon Advertising.

Here are five key Amazon advertisement trends you need to keep an eye on in 2022.

1. Make the Most of Amazon SEO

The higher you rank on the results page and the higher your rank, the more you can sell. Get noticed by implementing a sound Amazon SEO strategy. This involves optimizing your product listings using specific keywords.

There are keywords users used to locate your item in Amazon Search Terms. Also, look at the keywords of your competitors to determine the most relevant keywords to your needs. Concentrate on:

  • Head Terms – Common words and phrases that describe your product. These are the terms that customers use frequently.
  • Long-Tails are long-phrase variations of headwords. They are more precise which means they are targeted at an enlightened segment of the population.

Include search-related keywords in your title or backend as well as bullet points. Keywords that are relevant to your site will improve your rankings in search results.

2. Create Targeting Campaigns

Your Amazon Search Terms report may include certain ASINs or categories of products. If that is the case, it is recommended to concentrate on the creation of Product and Category targeted campaigns.

Product Targeting Campaign

The Amazon Standard Identification Number, also known as ASINs are unique identification badges to advertise your products.

The majority of shoppers are reliant on search and keyword terms and ASINS, some rely on ASINS to search for the products they require.

Let’s say you are receiving a variety of orders from different ASINs. What’s the next step?

  1. Search for the most popular ASINs and other items that have multiple orders.
  2. Use these ASINs to ensure they show up in relevant searches and boost sales for your product.

Category Targeting Campaign

You may also choose specific categories or subcategories to promote a variety of items.

If you are selling musical instruments, it is possible to showcase three similar products in one advertisement. For instance three guitars that differ in specifications and prices.

You can narrow down each category by price and brand, ratings, or shipping. This allows your intended customers to search for products that are geared towards youth all in one place.

3. Set Up Ad Groups

You can create additional Ad Groups in those Amazon campaigns. These could be focused on keywords and price levels.

Price groupings of ads that are point-based work best for products that are available in various sizes or variants. They’ll give you more control over bids as well as ACOS than nearly every other layout for campaigns.

Root Keyword Ad Groups take your top keywords to gain more sales and searches for your product.

Let’s say that you wish to increase sales from a category Targeting Campaign. It is possible to include important keywords in a group of ads for a product.

In this way, the product will be found in many more searches and result in more sales.

As time passes, you’ll find new keywords that are relevant to your company. 

These new keywords can be added to the other three groups of ads in the campaign. Now you can get even better search results.

4. Sponsoring Campaigns

Brand awareness is a key factor to bring in sales. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create your brand on Amazon through sponsored ads.

They are cost-per-click (CPC) advertisements that are displayed in search results as well as on the product page. They advertise specific product descriptions so that buyers can find and purchase your products.

The Sponsored Products campaigns are ideal for Amazon newcomers to Amazon.

Sponsoring products can be a great way to sell off surplus inventory, highlight an item that is a top seller or highlight seasonal items.

These are self-service display advertisements that allow you to engage customers throughout the buying process both on and off Amazon.

Sponsored displays are available in a wide range.

This method improves your online visibility. You can increase brand recognition or market your entire catalog of products on various channels simultaneously.

Utilize it to highlight your headline, as well as several items on CPC advertisements.

The Sponsored Brands campaign emphasizes the distinctiveness of your brand, and also the three products you offer. This allows clients to browse other products from your portfolio.

In addition, the campaign offers. “New-to-Brand” metrics to analyze the total number of customers who are first-time or sales for the first time in the last twelve months.

5. Amazon Video in Search Ads

HubSpot’s State of Video Marketing Report states that 68% of customers prefer to get information about new products through video. Amazon has taken advantage of this by launching Amazon Video advertisements.

Each video may last from 6 and 45 seconds. Ads are targeted to keywords as well as cost-per-click. They also link users directly to the product’s detail page.

Amazon Ads site features guidelines for sellers on how to create effective video advertisements. For instance:

  • Include on-screen text in videos that rely on voiceovers to convey the message of the product

At present, the video ads are currently only accessible through the Amazon App. But it won’t be long before they’re expanded to mobile and desktop sites.


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