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5 Essential Security Tips for Nightclub Owners During Thanksgiving

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Though Thanksgiving marks the arrival of the holiday season, and it is one of the busiest and most engaging days (or rather nights) of the year, it brings along a lot of commotion and causes worrisome concerns for nightclub owners. Interestingly, taking a stock of your security preparedness, installing ID scanners, and training your security personnel can make your establishment a safer haven for your guests.

Numbers Speak

Let’s understand why we are talking about security, nightclubs, and Thanksgiving in the same breath. There is an obvious connection between them. The concern is real and severe for the nightclub owners. First, it is the case of security of the public, and second, it is the case of meeting the regulatory requirements for keeping the license to run the nightclubs intact.

Since the business of nightclubs is often highly regulated, their licenses are at stake for entertaining and serving alcoholic beverages to underage teenagers and illegal or banned patrons.

Before we move on to the grim realities of crime and violence, let us acknowledge that adapting high tech surveillance solutions like ID scanners and using it wisely can curb the crime rates from spiraling.

The Reason For Concern

In the US alone, a youth survey finds that alcohol is the most common form of substance abuse among teenagers. 29% of the youth reported underage drinking and 14% of them admitted to binge drinking. Another data point out that 90% of the alcohol consumption amongst youth was due to binge drinking.

Similar to underage drinking teenagers, banned patrons are a headache for the general public and nightclub owners, especially during such massive festive nights as Thanksgiving. They are the ones who create a nuisance in public, often under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and are banned for such behavior from one or more nightclubs.

Reports of various gun violence, mishaps and accidents due to drunk driving, and domestic violence due to increased substance abuse have generally increased during Thanksgiving.

5 Essential Security Tips

Given the above concerns, we enlist below five essential tips a nightclub owner should follow to enhance security, especially during Thanksgiving.

1. Install ID Scanners

If you are a nightclub owner, you must ensure that only sober and eligible patrons are allowed inside the premises. And how do you ensure that? You need to ensure that each guest at your nightclub is given entry only after thoroughly checking their ID cards.

ID scanners can help here. They scan for the patron’s identification and determine their current age through the date of birth present on the ID. Your nightclub’s security personnel will be able to detect if the patrons are of legal age or not.

2. Use Technology

There are many databases available in the network of nightclubs that share the list of banned patrons on their premises. When your security personnel checks the ID of the patrons with the help of ID scanners, the data can be stored and verified through such databases.

If there is any such indication of a banned patron seeking entry into your establishment, then your bouncers and club guards need to be alerted to prevent any possible nuisance and mishaps.

Further, as a responsible business concern, if you have banned any patron from entering your establishment due to their ruckus behavior, you need to inform the local authority.

3. Scan Body Language

Train your security personnel to study and detect the patrons’ intentions and possible mishaps by observing their body language. Security can still nab the culprit if an illegal patron surpasses the ID scanner successfully.

An underage teenager who may have faked their identity can still be singled out based on their body language. Underage teenagers seeking entry into nightclubs often act flamboyantly and put on adult-like inauthentic behavior.

The trained eye of a sleuth like security personnel will often find out such patrons from their fake and flaunting behavior.

4. Adaptive Response Training

Ensure that the nightclub bouncers and guards are well-versed to respond appropriately if any commotion occurs. Sometimes, a patron could create havoc in the crowd inside and outside the club for various reasons.

Such ruckus and commotion need different strategies and approaches based on where it is occurring.

For example, the security will approach a ruckus differently if it occurs inside the club, vis-a-vis outside the club. A nightclub security guard should be well-versed in dealing with such a situation in all places.

5. People Oriented Solutions

Be proactive and train your staff to make harsh decisions when a fight occurs inside your premises. It is to prevent the fight from getting ugly and affecting the other people inside and around your club.

  • For instance, when a minor fight happens, have your staff throw the aggressors and their pals out of your premises. Ensure the police escort them.

  • You need to establish a cordial relationship with law enforcement. It is to make matters smoother when such unfortunate events happen.

  • Train your staff to think like police officers, and get them to wear bright vests. It will resemble them as law enforcement officers and ensure natural public cooperation.

Wrap Up

Thanksgiving could be a high revenue-generating night for the entire night economy. Provided appropriate high-tech security measures are taken to ensure public safety. Training the security staff to use high-tech surveillance and ID scanners and how to respond appropriately and proactively will make your establishment a safe place to chill out and enjoy.

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