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4 Reasons Why You Need A BBL Pillow After A BBL Procedure

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Many people have never heard of a BBL pillow since they are more concerned with the result of the operation than the recuperation process. You won’t be able to sit or sleep on your back for a long time after this treatment. Your doctor will provide you with a BBL pillow to utilize for a few weeks when you’re ready to sit down. This is because sitting for extended periods can cause tension in the lower back and thighs, both of which are targeted by pillows. Long periods of sitting do not affect your freshly transplanted fat.

A BBL pillow has a contoured design and the proper elevation to ensure that you are comfortable while sitting. BBL pillows are more efficient and more comfortable than donut-shaped or conventional travel pillows.

Here’s Why You Should Invest in a BBL Pillow

Once you’re familiar with the mechanics of a BBL pillow, it’s time to learn why it’s so crucial to your healing process.

#1. Doesn’t Pressure Your Butt

Using a BBL cushion is the first step in ensuring that your surgery’s outcome is not harmed. It’s impossible to sit comfortably as before since you have to keep the area around the fat transplant protected while it heals. You can’t sit or sleep on your back while those fat cells are settling and healing, which means you can’t put any pressure on them.


It’s fortunate that your BBL pillow allows you to rest your thighs on it while allowing your butt to dangle. As a result, you will not come into contact with your grafted fat.


#2. Prevents Fat Reabsorption

Fat reabsorption is common after BBL procedures since the newly grafted fat cells didn’t survive. However, how does this come to be? Sitting reduces the amount of blood flowing to your buttocks. As a result, your fat cells will not be able to adapt to their new environment since they will receive insufficient blood flow. On the other hand, BBL pillows allow you to sit comfortably without pressing down on your buttocks. As a result, your fat cells will be able to thrive, and your blood circulation will be normal.


The skin’s low flexibility, the volume of grafted fat, the patient’s history of smoking, and ignorance of the recovery protocols may also contribute to fat reabsorption. That’s why it’s so important to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.


#3. Ideal For Every Use

In your regular life, you’ll be seated almost everywhere. You have to always take your pillow with you when you leave the house. Because of its weight, this will be a major problem for you. On the other hand, BBL pillows are so light that you won’t even notice they’re there. In addition, many of them are delivered in a bag. You’ll save yourself the trouble of having to tuck them away in your bag.


To top it all off, the modest size of BBL pillows fits practically every chair. So whether you’re going to the doctor’s visit or to the cinema, you’ll be able to sit comfortably in either situation.

#4. Comfortable for Sitting

There is a chance that you will find the BBL pillow too uncomfortable. On the other hand, these pillows are designed with ergonomics in mind and include proper elevations, sturdy support systems, and soft fillings to ensure comfort.


In addition, memory foam is included in the majority of BBL pillows. It conforms to your body’s pressure and heat, making it more comfortable every time you do. BBL pillows have sturdy supports that can handle approximately 200 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about them collapsing with the weight of your thighs. Consequently, if you support your back with a pillow in the right spot, you will be more relaxed than before.


The popularity of Brazilian butt-lift treatments skyrocketed once celebrities and models began using them. You’ll need a BBL cushion if you ever decide to have one of these procedures done. BBL pillows are essential and will increase your blood circulation, let you sit comfortably, and guarantee the finest outcomes.


As a result, you should consider the material, cover, form, and portability while shopping for a pillow. Having learned about BBL pillows, you can now pick the right one for you and have a pain-free recovery.

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