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15 Innovative Apps to Check in 2022

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15 Innovative Apps to Check in 2022

The success of a tech-based venture lies in two factors: an innovative business idea and its right execution. And fortunately, we are in 2022 when there are so many emerging technologies like blockchain, AR, VR, IoT and beacon tech that it is easier to combine two and launch an epic product, that will outperform the competitors in no time. If you are an aspiring appreneur planning to get into app business, here are 15 innovative apps that will give you major development goals:

1. Taxfyle

Tickmark is a Miami app developer popular for launching user-centric accounting and book keeping tools. It has now introduced Taxfyle. It is a matchmaking tool for businesses and tax consultants. The app asks certain income and business cost related questions, processes the information and then shows tax advisor listings in localities and budget. It is a premium app and the service costs start from $59.99.

2. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a platform that teaches kids to code. It is really an innovative app especially in times when all children are raised under the influence of gadgets. The app is targeted for kids of 11 to 16 years of age. They can create small programs to highly engaging video games, put their creative minds to gainful purposes and construct assets for their future. Currently, the app is only available for iPad and iPhone.

3. Unitea

Unitea is a music streaming platform that allows music users to earn loyalty points in virtual currency, and lets music artists, singers and composers monetize their albums. With the tagline, ‘A Platform for Superfans’, Unitea is one of the top apps that has attracted fastest 5.3 million dollars by top investors in the industry.

4. Ether Legends

Ether Legends is a blockchain-based NFT game where players can participate through character cards. These cards can be bought or traded within the app. Because the game is premium and has play-to-earn capabilities, it has attracted interests of gaming hobbyists to professional gamers worldwide. Developed by one of the emerging mobile gaming companies, it has a player-centric user experience, with easy navigation and a battleground environment.

5. Planta

As the name suggests, Planta is a plant care application and one of the few in the Google Play that has hit big in this domain. It is a complete plant care solution for green enthusiasts who love their plants and want to ‘keep them alive’. It has used two of the emerging technologies, image recognition and machine learning in the core architecture. With image recognition, it identifies plants after processing the images, then sends in recommendations and plant health guides. Secondly, it asks several questions about the users’ plant care routines. Then after processing that information, it sends out push notifications and reminders. For premium users, they have a feature called Dr. Planta where they can consult with real plant doctors for prescriptions.

6. AMJ Workplace Wellness

AMJ Workplace Wellness is developed with a mission to improve the physical and mental health of corporate users: entrepreneurs, employees and so on. It has features that improve sleep, nutrition, diet, workouts and stress conditions. The app sends in push notifications to remind that employees don’t have to slouch, or take a walk or drink 8 glasses of water. It has a slightly gamifying experience with challenges that can be posted by app admins.

7. TeeMates

TeeMates is a social media app for golfers. Plus, it has marketplace integration so golfing enthusiasts can not only organize events, but also buy and sell golfing equipment. Users can create and share golfing profiles, connect with their real-world friends on this platform, send in-app messages and organize TeeTimes on specific venues with calendar integration. While the app is free to download and use by everybody worldwide, the appreneur earns commissions on marketplace sales.

8. Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a design platform for AR and VR enthusiast. It allows users to design environments, objects and scenes with 3D objects and simulations. Launched by Google, Tilt Brush aims to shape how virtual reality and creatives work in harmony and disrupt the designing process.

9. Moneylion

Moneylion is a consumer-side investment app targeted for employees who do not have time to learn trading or make investment decisions. It lends money to users, and provides financial advisory. Some corporate users and working employees can even get their salaries 2 days ahead of their pay days, request for credits and get interest-free loans. Similarly, they can buy from popular brands within the app interface and choose to re-invest the money on Moneylion’s platform.

10. Hopper

Hopper is a traveling app that facilitates users in booking their airline tickets online on their mobile devices. The app’s official website says that it helps users save around 40% on their traveling costs. They can find cabs and luggage helpers within the app, book accommodations and hotels, and most importantly, set reminders when certain flights get cheap. It also has refundable ticket plans and loyalty air points to pique the interest of the users.

11. Bottomline

While most of these apps are new in the technical market, they have already captured a good chunk of users and made handsome amounts in revenue. When they were launched, there were hardly any competitors or existing similar solutions. Also, not all these app owners had funds from the first day of their development stages. They had to create prototypes, pitch to right investors, hear a lot of no’s. But their apps are now successful (and profitable) because they were consistent, trusted their business plan and took right decisions in the right time.


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